Week Eight

National Geographic

National Geographic started publishing magazines in 1888. The magazine published monthly. National Geographic has been known for their amazing photography.

National Geographic’s website homepage looks just about how you would expect it to. They showcase some fantastic photographs that link to articles on their website. The first thing the viewer reads is Explore Today and the latest stories. This website is a responsive one. As the viewer scrolls down the page, different larger categories are displayed, such as watch for their videos, travel for their trips, belong for their community projects and events, and the what we do category. All of these are followed by a link to their shop website and a giant footer. The categories, much like Disney’s site I reviewed last week, lead to their own sites in the same domain, but they don’t have a home button to lead back to the original homepage.

Urban Oufitters

Urban Outfitters has many labels such as, hipster, stylish, mall punk, bohemian, and retro. They are a multi locational retail industry with 245 locations around the world. They sell clothing, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, houseware and music.

Urban Outfitters website does a great job using color. It is very inviting with their color scheme. This website is a responsive one. The boxes of categories on the main home page including, new arrivals, back in stock, and most liked. There is a large footer at the bottom of the page that includes all of their many social media outlets. The browsing is easy and the check out process is pretty simple.