Week Five

The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry started out as a radio broadcast and evolved into one of the most popular live music venues in the world and an American icon. The Opry is the biggest attraction point to Nashville, Tennessee. Most every well known name in country music has performed here. Country artists consider it an honor to perform on stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

The website is very aesthetically pleasing. The home page adversaries the upcoming events. The site has a simple menu bar at the top of the screen, displaying the different categories the Grand Ole Opry offers. At the bottom of the screen there is a sound bar so the viewer can click and listen to the live broadcast of the Opry's station. The menu at the top offers a couple directions to go. Particular menu options like "shop" will open another page on the browser. The shop page is a whole new website in the Grand Ole Opry domain. The footer of the Grand Ole Opry homepage is very large and contains contact information, sponsors, job opportunities, social media outputs and much more.


Apple is one of the world leaders in technology. It rivals with Samsung, Windows, and PC. Apple specializes in electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and tvs.

The homepage of Apple's website is very eye catching because the design layout is very simple/minimalistic but all of the negative space is black, in contrast to most websites. Apple has a simple menu bar at the top of the site, displaying the categories of products they sell. On the homepage the viewer scrolls down the page and there is a large footer at the bottom of the site giving the viewer more specific options. When the viewer clicks to learn more about a product, the product page shows up and the viewer scrolls sideways, to the left, instead of down and the footer is all the way to the right of the page. This is very visually interesting and a great way to stand out, but it makes the descriptions harder to read, so the viewer is likely to just scroll through looking at the images instead.