Week Four


Dollywood is a world class theme park located in Sevierville, Tennessee. This theme park was started by singer, songwrighter, and movie star Dolly Parton. Dollywood is an 19th century theme park. The employees dress in traditional style 19th century clothing. It is an acclaimed family based amusement park with things for the whole family to enjoy.

The website is easily accessible and easily navigated. The site is a responsive one, meaning it accommodates itself to fit any size screen. Dollywood's site has a standard menu at the top of the screen when the page fills a large to extra large screen size. When condensed the menu bar turns into a hamburger style menu. The menu bar, when scrolled over turns into a drop menu, expanding the category. The color scheme of the site is a simple one with a plain off white for the background. This color scheme and the top menu with the Dollywood logo at the top left of the menu keeps the whole site looking uniform. There is a large footer at the bottom of the site. The footer gives the viewer more information about the theme park such as phone numbers, addresses, and sponsors. The footer has a really nice monochromatic background image of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a popular and very successful fast food chain restaurant. This restaurant use to advertise its product with a chiwawa. The products they serve are an Americanized version of traditional Mexican food.

The website was a little underwhelming for such a big, well off company, but it was very clean and to the point. The color scheme was nice and there did seem to be more colors on in Taco Bell's scheme than any other I have reviewed to date. The website is a responsive one. There is a side menu that disappears into a hamburger menu when the screen is condensed. There is a large grid menu in the middle of the page showing the viewer more specific categories in the Taco Bell menu. There is a large footer at the bottom of the page with more information about the company. There is a link to the Taco Bell online merchandise store.

Just a side tidbit - Does it bother anyone else that the side menu says TA.CO?