Week Nine


Ulta Beauty is a beauty store. It is equipped with basic drug-store up to your higher end makeup, nails, hair, skin care, fragrance, to mens, gifts and accessories. Pretty much anything you could possibly want, beauty wise, from almost any brand is at Ulta.

The website is pretty simple. There is a lot of white, negative space. The website is a responsive one. There are two menu bars, one across the top, and one down the left side of the screen. The menu bar condenses into a hamburger menu when the screen condenses. On the homepage Ulta displays what’s new, along with about four other constantly changing categories. There is a large footer at the bottom of the screen, including more categories under store, guest services, about us, services, and Ultimate Rewards Credit Card.


Bonfire is a shirt designing website. They have three main categories for designers; campaign, supply and fundraiser. The campaign allows you to create shirt designs and sell them through social media, Bonfire will print the shirts and send them directly to the customers. Supply is when you want to create your own shirt in large supply. You create it, Bonfire prints and sends them to you. Fundraiser is pretty cool. You create a shirt for a fundraiser and advertise it on your social media outlets. Customers can buy them from the site. Bonfire will print them and send them to the customer and keep track of how much you’ve raised and how much left to reach your goal.

The website is clean and simple. There is a menu bar at the top of the screen along with their nice little logo. Their website is a responsive one. The site has some featured designs on their homepage, along with testimonials, and big press names where some of their campaigns have been featured. There is a large footer at the bottom of the page that contains more specific categories and Bonfire’s social media outlets. It is a pretty easy process to start a campaign, fundraiser, and/or large supply order.