Week One


Gucci is a high fashion brand of designer clothing. Gucci is a luxury brand. The clientele for the product are the more wealthy to elite; therefore, the funds available for advertising and presenting the brand to the public are more.

The website is very aesthetically pleasing. The colors scheme is well thought out as well as the layout and typography usage. The website is a responsive one, meaning that it adjusts itself to fit the size of the users screen. On a regular to larger size screen, the website opens with a menu across the top. On a smaller screen the website opens with a hamburger style menu. When the users mouse hovers over the tabs on the menu, the tab expands to show in categories and subcategories of the original category. For example, when the users mouse hovers over the women tab, the tab expands to show the categories handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, diy and special collections and the subcategories for each of these. DIY has the subcategories knitwear, totes, and shoes. With these tabs, categories and subcategories the website is easily navigable. The products and the product prices are easy to view. The products are represented well from many different angles. The checkout process is easily achieved and the products easily purchased.


Facebook is a social media outlet that was founded in 2004. Facebook is still growing in users and popularity but not with the younger generations. This social media outlet allows users a place to post pictures and updates of their lives and events with their friends and loved ones.

The website browser version of Facebook is not a responsive website. When the website is expanded on a larger screen the screen has large awkward negative spaces and when the website is condensed some elements are lost. Facebook created an app that adjusts the site specifically for smaller screens. The website is pretty easy to use. The option to create a post is at the top of the site on the home page along with on the users page as well. There are two main colors on the website the famous facebook blue and an off white. The blue is on the menu bar at the top of the page and is used as the color for the names of the users. There is another menu bar to the left side of the screen.