Week Seven


Disney is a very popular entertainment company. They have created almost all of the children favorite films for decades now. They have also taken over other popular tv and movie money makers such as Star Wars and Marvel. Disney has a couple amusement parks, a cruise line and a private island, along with many other assets.

Disney’s website is cute. It is a responsive site. There is a menu at the top of the site that condenses into a hamburger menu. There are many moving things on the website, which might be good to get kids attention, but is really just annoying and my eye is not really sure where to go, its constantly drawn in three different directions. When you scroll down the page there is a grid of videos followed by a large footer. The menu at the top of the screen has many different parts of Disney to visit, such as shop, parks and travel, games, tv and more. When you click on one of these options, such as the cruses option, it takes you to that page. The page is a different website in the same domain. The only problem with this is that there is not a way to get back to the homepage of the Disney you started on, except pressing the back arrow button an unreasonable amount of times.


Time is one of the biggest weekly magazines. It was founded and run by Henry Luce in 1923. Time Magazine is a news based magazine and is published in New York City, New York.

Time magazine is a responsive site. The menu bar at the top has a hamburger menu to the far left of the bar menu and all of the bar menu condenses into a hamburger menu when the webpage is condensed. The top stories are present on the site above the fold of the site. When you scroll down the page there are videos and categories of news stories to help the reader find exactly what they are looking for, followed by the large footer at the bottom of the page. The hamburger menu has a lot more options for the reader and the sites social media links at the bottom of the menu and the footer.