Week Two


Buzzfeed according to its website is "the world's leading digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally". Buzzfeed is more than a website, it is more like a web presence with its app, and quizzes and videos along with its website.

The website itself is easy to access. The home page of the site is a little confusing, though. The home page has articles and quizzes mixed in with a lot of advertisements and it is a little disoriating. There is a menu across the top of the screen, labeling some of the most popular options Buzzfeed has to offer. There is also a hamburger menu at the top left of the screen displaying all of the services the website offers. The website is a responsive one to a degree. When the website is condensed, the site appropriates itself to fit all the information on the smaller screen. However, when the website is expanded, if the site is pulled too large then the website responds with creating more awkward negative space. The color scheme of the website is polluted and lost with all the advertisements. Navigating the website is pretty simple if you are looking for general content, like quizzes or articles, however it would be very challenging to try to find a specific website or article. The best option for specifics would be the search option.


Target is best described as a sophisticated Walmart. Target offers anything and everything from groceries to clothing to entertainment to house decor to baby diapers and cleaning supplies.

Targets website is jam packed with information. The sales of the week are the first thing displayed. Targets color scheme is very prominent and gives the website a cohesive look. The website is a responsive one, so it adjusts itself to fit the size of the screen. There are a lot of menus offered on the homepage of this website so that the viewer/customer has no issues finding anything. On the top bar of the site there are three tabs with drop menus and a search bar. There is a second menu bar with more specific topics like registries, find stores, and orders. Past the fold of the website when the viewer scrolls down, there is a third menu in a grid like form with pictures of the category the tab is representing. When the viewer/customer finds the category they were looking for, the products are displayed in a gridlike system. On the left of the screen there is a sidebar with ways to specify the viewer/customers search. The checkout process is simple allowing the customer ease of purchase.