Anna's REALLY FUN Notebook



New Hat is an art studio that specializes in enhancing spaces and environments with their creativity and graphic design services. They have a very unique and artsy design style that shows when you visit their website with their decorative and contemporary style. Their logo is centered at the top of the page, menu is horizontal across the top, and as you scroll down on the home page it takes you through their projects in a gallery-like way. It's easy to know exactly what they do, see how they do it through visuals and shop around the site with simple navigation. I'm a big fan of their design and love spaces they have designed.

Net Hat Design Website


Caviar and Bananas and is a GREAT restaurant that recently (and sadly) closed but also just REOPENED! YAY! The inside has great interior design so I assumed the website might reflect that and boy was I right. This website is super simple and sleek, as a restaurants website should be. Looking at food online shouldn't be difficult since you're most likely either looking for a location address or what the food is like. When I opened their web page the first thing on their menu was "menu and locations". Although I'm not sure why their under the same drop-down, it's really nice that it's in plain site and so easy to find. When you open the site you are instantly hit with mouth watering photos of food and when you scroll down your hit with locations so basically... what's stopping you from going?

Caviar and Bananas Website



Altpress has a similar situation to Woven which is why I wanted to do these two websites in the same week but for different reasons. Altpress is an alternative rock magazine that covers a wide range of music, media and entertainment. They also have a website that sells issues of the magazine just like Woven does. Although AP is a well laid out magazine, when you go to AP's website it is extremely hectic and busy.. not matching what they put out in print. The main menu goes across the top of the site and has two options that seem so similar it's hard to know what the difference would be if you clicked on either of them. They're labels "news" and "featured" and have mostly the same info on both pages. The website feels very cluttered and the magazine feels fresh and clean so the two don't exactly match up. I'm a huge fan of the magazine, but I wouldn't really see myself visiting the site.

Altpress Website


Woven Magazine is an online publication that celebrates artists and designers of various kinds. The word woven came from the idea that sometimes the things we lack in ourselves we can often find in other people when communicating, collaborating and creating these experiences. This is a small magazine started by two designers, hoping to create a community, so the overall design of the website is beautiful in my opinion. It is simple and organic. I was first attracted to the look of the site, but then once I started reading about what the magazines objective was I was sold on the style choices. When you first enter the site you see mainly photos, but can easily see where the menu is for direction. The bar along the top has a hamburger menu and a logo that will bring you home when clicked and search bar. You can also choose to scroll down, which will launch you directly into the magazine articles and stories which is great. I think having the photos as the front page really brings a viewer in since it looks beautiful instead of a ton of text, and with just a simple swipe up you can start reading. This site is a huge inspiration for what I hope my own website will look like. There's nothing on the menu that confuses me and there is even an area you can submit an application to to be featured in the next issue. Everything is easy to find, very simple, but also classic and elegant.

Woven Website



Sophie Ward is a designer and illustrator based in London. I did a project on her work last semester since I enjoy it so much and also find her website extremely simple and clean. Since she has such a unique and personal style, I thought it was perfect that she kept her site readable and clear, but added her own personality where her logo is at the top. I love that it's her own touch and gives you a feeling of who she is as an artists. I almost feel like her site could use a bit more of this since everything is in such a perfect grid right now.

Sophie Ward Studio Website


Urban Outfitters is a website I'm on more often than I should be.. So I thought it would be perfect to review. Every time I go to the website to shop I never have an issue finding anything and when I just went back to take a long look at how the website was really functioning, I noticed the layout was actually pretty well done. There's a horizontal menu at the top with bigger categories that will take you to a smaller menu with more categories once you narrow down what exactly you're looking for which is nice. Below these menus are large photos that also have some call to action buttons on them. At first your eye is drawn to the photo but then you realize on top of the photo when you hover over it, it says "sale" or "free shipping". I enjoy scrolling through this website which is probably what leads me to spend all my money here.

Urban Outfitters Website



Pansy is an organic cotton underwear company started by two women from San Fran. My dear friend Olivia showed me this website and I think it has such a unique style that is attractive to a designer and shopper looking for something less-like mass produced clothing and something more ethical. You can tell right when you get to the website that there's a lot of thought and process in their company because there are so many tabs at the top and normally on a clothing site this would be irritating, but these tabs are "film", "diary", "press", "care", "returns", and of course the given things like contact and shop. I think having returns in the top menu is awesome because it shows that they are easy to reach and are most-likely willing to work with their customers. They have a large photo gallery which is awesome when shopping, especially when they have their models in these unusual environments like Pansy does.

Pansy Website


Skinnydip is a clothing and accessories brand originally located in the U.K. I discovered this store when I was on a trip in London last year and have loved it ever since. Since it's (obviously) so far away I have to find everything through their website and I find their site pretty easy to navigate. I love their style which draws me to their store and the way everything is laid out makes it easy to find. Their menu is a little info heavy and have a lot of options but I don't think it's too much when you are a customer and are familiar with their products. Their photos are casual and give a good visual of their products and the colors of light and easy to look at.

skinnydip Website


Sour Patch Kids

I love Sour Patch Kids so I decided to look up their website. They constantly have commercials playing during ad breaks that are actually pretty good so I thought their site would be decent. I was sadly let down when I typed it in my google search and this giant yellow square popped up. It was empty so with only an outdated looking menu at the top so I thought it just wasn't loading but when I exited and reloaded it, it turned out that's all that was there. You have to click something else on the menu to see another screen but the horrible yellow stays no metter what. Everything that you can click on isn't very helpful and looks like it hasn't been updated in years. There is a hover effect over the menu buttons but when you go to the products page it is honestly cringe worthy in my opinon. Everything is green and yellow

Sour Patch Kids Website


KitKats are another love of mine and their website is pretty good! You can tell it's up-to-date and everything on it is in a useful spot. The first thing I saw was a little widget that tells you to select your country and once you do, it automatically brings you to a more refined KitKat site that has products produced near you. They also include recipes, videos, reviews and promotions. They have unique products shown right when you get to the site that do a little glossy fade thing when you hover over them. It's pretty subtle but really cool. Now im finding myself taking notes on recipes so I think the website is obviously well done because I'm SOLD!

KitKat Website