Anna's REALLY FUN Notebook



New Hat is an art studio that specializes in enhancing spaces and environments with their creativity and graphic design services. They have a very unique and artsy design style that shows when you visit their website with their decorative and contemporary style. Their logo is centered at the top of the page, menu is horizontal across the top, and as you scroll down on the home page it takes you through their projects in a gallery-like way. It's easy to know exactly what they do, see how they do it through visuals and shop around the site with simple navigation. I'm a big fan of their design and love spaces they have designed.

Net Hat Design Website


Caviar and Bananas and is a GREAT restaurant that recently (and sadly) closed but also just REOPENED! YAY! The inside has great interior design so I assumed the website might reflect that and boy was I right. This website is super simple and sleek, as a restaurants website should be. Looking at food online shouldn't be difficult since you're most likely either looking for a location address or what the food is like. When I opened their web page the first thing on their menu was "menu and locations". Although I'm not sure why their under the same drop-down, it's really nice that it's in plain site and so easy to find. When you open the site you are instantly hit with mouth watering photos of food and when you scroll down your hit with locations so basically... what's stopping you from going?

Caviar and Bananas Website



Altpress has a similar situation to Woven which is why I wanted to do these two websites in the same week but for different reasons. Altpress is an alternative rock magazine that covers a wide range of music, media and entertainment. They also have a website that sells issues of the magazine just like Woven does. Although AP is a well laid out magazine, when you go to AP's website it is extremely hectic and busy.. not matching what they put out in print. The main menu goes across the top of the site and has two options that seem so similar it's hard to know what the difference would be if you clicked on either of them. They're labels "news" and "featured" and have mostly the same info on both pages. The website feels very cluttered and the magazine feels fresh and clean so the two don't exactly match up. I'm a huge fan of the magazine, but I wouldn't really see myself visiting the site.

Altpress Website


Woven Magazine is an online publication that celebrates artists and designers of various kinds. The word woven came from the idea that sometimes the things we lack in ourselves we can often find in other people when communicating, collaborating and creating these experiences. This is a small magazine started by two designers, hoping to create a community, so the overall design of the website is beautiful in my opinion. It is simple and organic. I was first attracted to the look of the site, but then once I started reading about what the magazines objective was I was sold on the style choices. When you first enter the site you see mainly photos, but can easily see where the menu is for direction. The bar along the top has a hamburger menu and a logo that will bring you home when clicked and search bar. You can also choose to scroll down, which will launch you directly into the magazine articles and stories which is great. I think having the photos as the front page really brings a viewer in since it looks beautiful instead of a ton of text, and with just a simple swipe up you can start reading. This site is a huge inspiration for what I hope my own website will look like. There's nothing on the menu that confuses me and there is even an area you can submit an application to to be featured in the next issue. Everything is easy to find, very simple, but also classic and elegant.

Woven Website



Sophie Ward is a designer and illustrator based in London. I did a project on her work last semester since I enjoy it so much and also find her website extremely simple and clean. Since she has such a unique and personal style, I thought it was perfect that she kept her site readable and clear, but added her own personality where her logo is at the top. I love that it's her own touch and gives you a feeling of who she is as an artists. I almost feel like her site could use a bit more of this since everything is in such a perfect grid right now.

Sophie Ward Studio Website


Urban Outfitters is a website I'm on more often than I should be.. So I thought it would be perfect to review. Every time I go to the website to shop I never have an issue finding anything and when I just went back to take a long look at how the website was really functioning, I noticed the layout was actually pretty well done. There's a horizontal menu at the top with bigger categories that will take you to a smaller menu with more categories once you narrow down what exactly you're looking for which is nice. Below these menus are large photos that also have some call to action buttons on them. At first your eye is drawn to the photo but then you realize on top of the photo when you hover over it, it says "sale" or "free shipping". I enjoy scrolling through this website which is probably what leads me to spend all my money here.

Urban Outfitters Website



Pansy is an organic cotton underwear company started by two women from San Fran. My dear friend Olivia showed me this website and I think it has such a unique style that is attractive to a designer and shopper looking for something less-like mass produced clothing and something more ethical. You can tell right when you get to the website that there's a lot of thought and process in their company because there are so many tabs at the top and normally on a clothing site this would be irritating, but these tabs are "film", "diary", "press", "care", "returns", and of course the given things like contact and shop. I think having returns in the top menu is awesome because it shows that they are easy to reach and are most-likely willing to work with their customers. They have a large photo gallery which is awesome when shopping, especially when they have their models in these unusual environments like Pansy does.

Pansy Website


Skinnydip is a clothing and accessories brand originally located in the U.K. I discovered this store when I was on a trip in London last year and have loved it ever since. Since it's (obviously) so far away I have to find everything through their website and I find their site pretty easy to navigate. I love their style which draws me to their store and the way everything is laid out makes it easy to find. Their menu is a little info heavy and have a lot of options but I don't think it's too much when you are a customer and are familiar with their products. Their photos are casual and give a good visual of their products and the colors of light and easy to look at.

skinnydip Website



I love Sour Patch Kids so I decided to look up their website. They constantly have commercials playing during ad breaks that are actually pretty good so I thought their site would be decent. I was sadly let down when I typed it in my google search and this giant yellow square popped up. It was empty so with only an outdated looking menu at the top so I thought it just wasn't loading but when I exited and reloaded it, it turned out that's all that was there. You have to click something else on the menu to see another screen but the horrible yellow stays no metter what. Everything that you can click on isn't very helpful and looks like it hasn't been updated in years. There is a hover effect over the menu buttons but when you go to the products page it is honestly cringe worthy in my opinon. Everything is green and yellow

Sour Patch Kids Website


KitKats are another love of mine and their website is pretty good! You can tell it's up-to-date and everything on it is in a useful spot. The first thing I saw was a little widget that tells you to select your country and once you do, it automatically brings you to a more refined KitKat site that has products produced near you. They also include recipes, videos, reviews and promotions. They have unique products shown right when you get to the site that do a little glossy fade thing when you hover over them. It's pretty subtle but really cool. Now im finding myself taking notes on recipes so I think the website is obviously well done because I'm SOLD!

KitKat Website



American Greetings is a great company that sells greeting cards in most stores. They have so many different categories of cards and it can be extremely overwhemling in the store when shopping for a card so I was curious to see what the website would be like in comparison. I think they do a pretty good job organizing their cards and products. They organize them by subject like "birthday", "thank you", "get well soon", ect.. which is nice. The colors on the site are really nice and cohesive which make is fun the scroll through the pages. They have two different horizontal menus on the top of the homepage but one includes topics like memberships, promos and a sign in button and then the other seperate menu is heavily product based. They did a great job making the disinction between the two by changing the font size and color.

American Greetings Website


Big Machine Label Group is a record label here in Nashville TN. It's mostly country artists but what most people don't know is that they have a smaller rock label within call John Varvatos which I think is awesome and refelcts well in their branding since when you see their colors you don't think "southern cowboy". They have a bunch of different smaller labels within BMLG that each artists is signed to and the way they're displayed on the homepage isn't done very well in my opinion. They're very conjested in the top left-hand corner when they could be spread along the top horizontally. The hamburger menu is in the top right corner but when you open it the menu isn't the first thing you see. The first thing that pops up is a an email sign up for notifications and we all know no one wants that. The one thing I think is nice is the large slideshow of photos displaying their artists since they have a great lineup.

Big Machine Label Group Website



Dangerbird records is a small indie record label located in LA. I found out about this label when I was asking some musician friends which labels would be good for a design internship. The first thing I noticed when I went to their website was their logo. I feel like record labels sometimes really lack in the creative department because it's not really their focus.. but even though dangerbird is still small, their website design and logo is fantastic. The have the slideshow of images of their bands right at the top which is expected, and a main menu above that. When comparing this one to BMLG since their both labels, I'm way more drawn to DB because of it's lighter color palette, how the logo is centered and the main menu surrounds it, and how it feels much more approchable. When you scroll down on DB they layout each bands tour dates in a really cool way. It's simple, but looks really nice on the page.

Dangerbird Website


WARPED TOUR IS BACK. Last summer Warped Tour annouced that it was the last summer ever.. and this summer they're back (of course) but only with three dates. The website has been updated along with how the Summer tour will be going and I have to say it's looking really good. Since Warped Tour has been aroumd for quite awhile, I think it could easily look dated. Especially since some of the bands who play the shows are considered "throwback bands".. so I guess it MIGHT make sense. Either way, I was recently on their website to figure out new infomation about this year, how things would be changing, how to buy tickets and I had a really easy time finding all of the information I needed. Right when you get to the site, the dates of the tour pop-up with a "more info!" button so right away you can select which location you'll be looking at since they're all different. If you don't want to click any of those, there's also a top menu bar that has more detailed information like sponsers, non-profits, pit blogs and much more. I think they've dont a great job with this site and I espcially love the main page design with the photo and comic stip backdrop.

Official Warped Tour Website



The MoMa is a beautiful modern museum in Manhattan. I love their website and museum so much. The deisgn and layout of the website is very modern and clean just like it should be. I don't think it's too often that people visit museum websites, unless they're trying to figure out lcoation details when trying to plan a visit. The MoMA website has the "plan your visit" tab as the first one in the main menu. The second is "exibition and events" followed by "art and artists" and "store". I think they did great with the menu and sub menu's under these. A museum site shouldn't be too cluttered, just like the museum itself shouldnt be. One thing I think could be improved is possibly adding a hover effect. Nothing sticks out because no matter where you're mouse hovers, the color never changes so it's never specific as to where you can click or not click.

MoMA Website

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is somewhere I used to visit weekly when I lived in Cleveland for school. I loved going here and often had to research pieces that were in this museum for art history projects. I always found the website hard to navigate when looking for a specific piece and would end of googling the artist to find it thorugh the site. The main problem is that there are two main menu's but one is in a different color. Other than the color change they're in the same place on the site and use the same font size so nothing really indicates that one menu is more important than the other. Between the two, there are a total of 17 options of subpages, and when you hover over each menu item there's even MORE. A drop down pops up for each individual menu item with at least 5 more options of other pages to navigate to. This is just way too overwhelming for me. The museum itself has a TON of amazing work and is just an amazing building so I can see why they are jam-packing everything in but they definetly need to try and refine.

CMA Website



I use Lyft alllll the time so I decided to check out their website. I was plesantly surprised! I think they did a great job with it. The main page is a huge video that plays and also has a button that says "click our story". So it's sort of giving you a preview to get you to watch the whole video. The menu only consists of "driver", "rider" and "log in" which I think is simple and to the point. Although, it could be bigger. I saw it right away but it didn't jump out at me at all. There's a sticky footer that appears when you scroll that has buttons about applying for jobs with Lyft. I think all of their buttons are very productive and easy to find while they're also creating a really cool site to interact with.

LYFT Website

Southwest Airlines

I fly Southwest on almost every flight so I'm on this site a lot. I never found the site specifically hard to use but now that I'm really looking at it, it's coming across really busy. But since I never thought this before, I'm guessing they're doing well at getting they're main goal across which is to get the customer to book a flight. As soon as I opened the page I saw the little widget to enter your reservation info for your trip. Usually my eyes glaze over everything else on the site since I know all I care about is finding a flight, but when I notice all the ads and other small-large text going on everywhere, it's super irritating to look at. I can imagine if I was a new customer who hadn't really booked a flight before that I would feel pretty overwelmed.

Southwest Airlines Website


Catfish + the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of my top 3 favorite bands but I hadn't ever been to their website before looking for this project. I was interested to see how developed it would be consdiering their still a growing band and I think it looks great! The only thing is that when you first get to the site you have to go through the "enter site" button which I see as an unecessary extra step.. But once you click that to get through it's awesome. They want to catch you there to show you the new album in hopes that you'll pre-order it and also to show you the upcoming tour dates which is a pretty good idea. If you are at the online website you're most likely a dedicated fan. The actual home page has all of their albums so far laid out and when you hover over them it actually flips the album over to the back so you can see the other side. I thought this was a really cool feature. I also like how they stick to their black and white color palette and keep a simple menu bar in the center at the top of the page. It's not hard to navigate at all!

Catfish Website

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon is another one of my favorite bands and I've actually gone to their website a lot. It's constantly changing depending on what album is out or what is about to be released. My favorite part is the hamburger menu because it has a really cool hover effect. The entire home page is covered in stuff for their new album like music videos, tour dates, album links and where to get the album. When you click the hamburger menu it takes you to the basic menu items like merch and newsletter. It's a pretty basic website but I just love how the design is always so cohesive with the album and changes so much. The only thing I might change is the font size on their social media links. Their in the hamburger menu and I didn't even notice them right away because their so small and a different font than the rest of the menu so they just stick out in a non-cohesive way.

BMTH Website



Dribble is a website similar to Pintrest because it's made to inspire designers. I love this site because instead of a bunch of random content like furniture and recipes, it's ONLY design. SO since it's made for designers, it's obviously well built and easy to use. You can search for specific artists, look up specific kinds of things like .pngs, .jpgs, .eps's. It's easy to refine your searchs. The logo is easy to identify and the menu is easy to find and navigate at the top of the site. Overall, I think this is a well functioning site and is great for any aspiring artist or designer out in the world looking for some inpiration!

Dribble Website


Trainline is a great site to use when you're abroad and need to get to another place by train. It's simliar to most airline sites, so useability is pretty self-explanitory, but there are some major differences since it's European. The first thing to catch my eye when I go to the homepage is booking a train. Entereing the dates and times which is most liekly what any person going to the site would need. I wish it was a tad bit bigger, but it works. Once you start looking into train dates and times, you'll notice that all the times are in military time which might come easy to some people but it doesn't to me. For Europeans I know this is normal, but there are a ton of people using this site from America who don't regularly use military time. I found myself going back and forth translating the times which was kinda annoying, but by the end of booking my train, I pretty much knew how to read military time! The layout of the site is on a nice grid and the copy is organized pretty well. The color palette works well with the subject of the site as well.

Trainline Website



Morrissey was the lead singer of The Smith's and is still one of my favorite artists, but I'd never been to his site so I decided to check it out. I was pretty dissapointed, but not surprised. His website has potential, but isn't well laid out. The top navigation works, but his logo in the center is way too small. After that, all the content on his page isn't aligned which I feel like might be intentional but it doesn't fully work so I wish there was some kind of grid system. The information shown is a bunch of tour posters and I feel like this homepage page could be use better with other content like album info and links to his music on spotify. The type on the page doesn't draw the viewers eye in at all so maybe the size could be bigger as well.

Morrissey Website

Stumptown Coffee

First of all, this coffee is AMAZING. You can buy their cold brew at Kroger! It caught my eye because great branding.. obviously.. so I assumed the website would be just as great! I was right! This website is awesome!! The only issue is that there's a huge blank space in the middle of the home page. I'm wondering if there's normally a photo and there's just a glitch. They have these fancy little illustrations for their icons that match the branding. They're even animated! When something is loading they spin, which is really fun. They have illustrations all over the website to match their branding which is so nice and clear. Everything is in a nice grid, easy to find and clean. I love this site!

Stumptown Website


Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is a quality spot but I'd give the website a 5/10. It's super busy and cluttered. The topnav has way too many options. some of the options on the main menu can easily be combined, like "bakery" and "cakes". Usually when people visit a restaruant site it's because they want to see the menu or locations. I wish these two options were bigger and easier to find. There's a main lightbox on the main screen that has big high-quality photos interchanging but it's really distracting and annoying. The photos of the food can be saved for when someone clicks on the menu option on the menu.

Frothy Monkey Website

Joe Coffee Company

I found this coffee discounted at TJMaxx and it was so good! I loved their branding because the coffee brand was called "Joe" but the coffee flavor was "Tall, Dark and Handsome." I thought it was super clever. Their website is just as great! When yous scroll around and hover, there's all kind of animated illustrations which is so fun and exciting. I love the illustrative quality of this site and how clean and uniform everything is. The menu is very organized on the left and stays as you click through pages. You should Definitely check this one out!

Joe Website



LANY is a band and their website homepage is unlike other's I've visited which is why I wanted to review it. I love how they have a collage of tour and lifestyle photos on the front page. It gives you a feeling of what the band is like and also makes you somehow feel involved in what they're doing. Although it might not be very effective in function, I think it works really well. There are tour posters with tour dates included so that's a good thing to have. On top of this is a sticky menu that stays on the top when you scroll through these photos. It has the normal band menu things like tour, store, music, videos, newsletter and such. But something I really like is how they included a lyrics page! Super cool. When you go to this page thumbnails of their albums pop-up and you can choose a song to look up.

LANY Website

Lulu Lemon

Online shopping is even more overwhelming to me than regular shopping so I like to find sites that make it easy. Lulu Lemon is good at keeping their site clean and clear of clutter that makes shopping stressful. Which obviously benefits them. They have fantastic photos on their site too that stretch across the entire width of the site. They change their top nav a lot based on holiday's so right now there's a mother's day tab which is so smart. I love the fonts they use because it's not overpowering and it's really easy on the eye. Any info you might be wondering seems to be right in front of you when scrolling, like return policy and shipping prices. They have them right at the top so you don't have to search. When you hover over these options on the main menu you get TONS of options so it's good that they organized htem into these 5 main ones.

Joe Website