Week #1

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #1

Frist Art Museum

Immediately upon pulling up the Frist Art Museum web page, it look really functional. It has a left aligning menu on the side of the window, with sections that are very self-explanatory and not confusing. And upon clicking on, it takes you to another page, with a series of information and other links on the right, and then a drop down menu appears under what was just clicked on. I do wish though, that this mini menu was accessible in some way other than having to click on the category and be transported to a new page that may not have the information I'm specifically looking for.

As well, the webpage does appear to be responsive to the size of the window. On the home page there are a series of picture with links and titles, relating to events and exhibitions happening at the museum. Changing the size of the window the pictures move their position on the page to fill the window. Although they can leave an unattractive gap at the bottom.

Frist Art Museum Website

Entry #2

Watkins Webpage

Pulling up the site, the first image that encompases the screen is a large image of a student in a scene. There's lots of textures, there's action in his pose and text that all together makes my senses begin to feel a little overwhelmed. I could see this image working better if maybe it didn't take up the whole screen. But scrolling down the image disappears. The website seems to respond well to the size of the window changing, nothing jumps out that conflicts with something else when the screen compresses. The color pallete of the page as well is nice, the oranges that go along with the Watkins logo are complemented by the deep blue as well as brighter blues and other colors. There are a couple images and website decorations though that don't look completely solid, as if they have a low resolution, and I'm not sure if it was meant to be intentional. As well, some of the director words are confusing, not giving a clear hint as to where they take you. But otherwise, it's a pleasing website.

Watkins College Wesbite

Entry #3


Pulling up the website, the layout is clear and aesthetically pleasing. It has a simple, warm color palette, and appetizing images to compliment. The webpage seems to have a purposeful response as well to the window getting bigger and smaller. It stops growing at a certain point so it doesn't stretch the page excessively. And it responds well to getting smaller. The webpage does have a few problems with distracting pop ups and ads. The ads have a nasty tendency to disrupt the flow of the page, the images and the information. Sometimes without paying attention they can be easily clicked on as mistaken links to recipes. The website is also very easy to get distracted, but I think in a good way.

Allrecipes Website

Entry #4

Legendairy Milkshake Bar

Pulling up their website, I'm reminded of Watkins's website, because the screen is encompassed by a single image, with some text. Although in this case the image is simple enough that i don't feel overwhelmed by what they're showing me. And the directing text isn't confusing, or mysterious; it tells me exactly where it's going to take me if I click on it. Although the opening image doesn't seem to respond perfectly well when the window size changes. And some of the images below it, when you scroll down, doesn't load completely.

Legendairy Milkshake Bar