Week #10

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #31

Andy Bennett's Art

The first impression I get from clicking onto this website is that I really really really don't like it. As a portfolio website I don't find it effective. And I actually meant to find a different artist's portfolio page, under the same name, and accidentally found this one. And it doesn't look like a portfolio page. There's absolutely nothing on the main page that indicates anything about the artist, their work, their personality, or their branding. And clicking onto one of the links, which is one of the only things depicted on the main page, it takes the web surfer to another page depicting the supposed images of art. I say supposed because the page only depicts the images with no context. So as someone who knows nothing about the artist, after clicking through every step on their page I don't feel like I've learned anything really significant about them or their work. Overall I am unsatisfied.

andy bennett art

Entry #32

Andy Bennett's Art

Now this was the artist I initialy intended to find when I was look for the website. And in comparison this page is much more effective I believe. Clicking onto the website the first thing I see is the artist's work displayed prominently, as well as their name and more directional tabs. The directions don't feel hidden or without context. They even display their social Media right below their name. Nothing is hidden. And scrolling down we see the rest of the artist's portfolio and we're able to click on it and get more information about the work. The contact page and the about page give the appropriate amount of information, meaning I get a distinct better feeling for the artist compared to when I first came to the page. The only thing I immediately see that could be improved upon is that there is currently a lack of a picture of the artist depicted on the about page or anywhere else on the website and it would be nice to have that more human asscoiation.

andy bennett art

Entry #33

Victoria Evans's Art

Clicking onto the portfolio website of Victoria Evans the viewer gets an immediate impression of the artist. They have their drawn self portrait floating below a kind of logo, immediately giving the impression of a kind of whimsey and elegance. Their work is then prominently depicted to the side and below their portrait sits their direction stacked menu. The viewer has the option to flip through individual portfolio pages, split up into Illustration and Character Designs. On the Character Design page as well there includes a slideshow presentation for one of their specific project examples. Their About page is very brief but includes a picture of the artist themselves as well as their clients and their links to their contact. The viewr can also reach these places by going to their links page. Overall I see the website as being very very nice because it's consistant and it's thorough and very pleasing to click through and browse, for it's navigational ability alone.

victoria evans art