Week #12

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #37

Natalie Hall's Art

Opening up the webpage, the effect is very pleasing. The artist's website employs an off-white background with simple, conservative, sans-serif text. It then has a large high quality image of one of their images acting as a sort of example of what the viewer might find on on the ensuing subpages. There are beneathe that a line of small instagram and email icons, but then they're repeated once again further below that with some color employed. This does seem redundant. Clicking on the subpages featuring the artist's work the page features a slideshow presentation of the pieces. Hovering over the artist's works a little bit of text within a transparent box appears giving some information about the piece. The Contact page features a map and a form to fill out to contact the artist through, and the about page features a picture of the artist in their work, with a conservative blip of info. While the entirety of the website is very stark of excess content, it puts the artist and her work first, highlighting the work and getting straight to the point. It's very indicative to the personality of the artist herself.

natalie hall art

Entry #38

Chantal Horeis's Art

Opening up onto the website, the immediate feeling is very warm. There's a hierarchial down menu, featuring directional tabs, the artist logo, contact and social media, and promotions. Below this immediately is the artists work, featuring a gif aboce the fold. This immediately creates interest in the viewer to scroll down and see what's going on in order to explore the rest of the works. Clicking on an image takes the viewer to a subpage where they can click view the gallery like a slide presentation. The about page features a picture of the artist in her element, as well as a description of her work, more of her featured work and then a series of answered FAQs. This format is really satisfying to flip through and overall feels very professional.

chantal horeis art

Entry #39

Janice Sung's Art

Clicking and opening up the webpage there is immediately examples of the artist's work depicted within a colored frame below the directional menu. Although their logo and menu is featured in incredibly small text in a very light color, which can make it easily missed. Clicking on the work tab takes the viewer to a new page featuring their work on a grid system, although the individual images can't be clicked on to get to a larger image. Their shop opens up a new tab with the artist's shop. Their journal is set up so the viewer can scroll down and read answers and questions, like an FAQ. Then their about page features a picture of the artist with her dog, an excellent choice, and then gives a fair amount of info about the artist in order for the viewer to make that human connection. Although the type is again very small and very light, making it hard after so long to read the small text in the large paragraphs. Overall though, a really really nice website that's a real delight to wander through.

janice sung art