Week #12

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #43

Studio Silvana

Opening up onto the studio website, it has a very nice layout, featuring above the fold a large, lovely image of the artist's workspace, and then below that three example works taking the visitor to different places on the site. The menu is featured in the first large image, although with everything going on in the picture the directional menu gets lost extremely easily. Below the fold the viewer can continue to scroll down and see more links to different pages and features on the site. Overall the color palette of the page is very warm and welcoming, helped by the use of white space. Clicking on one of the navigational tabs the directional menu becomes a mustard yellow, allowing the viewer to better see the tabs, along with the studio's logo. The viewer can then scroll through the featured works and items fairly easily, and they can click on them and be taken to a higher quality image with a brief description and title of the works and pieces. It's overall a very welcoming, lovely design for a portfolio/studio website.

studio silvana

Entry #44

Vannessa Port's Art

Clicking onto the website it is immediately noticeable to be a very simple website with a very simple layout and overall design. Although I believe this helps to highlight the work featured there. There is a simple, centered, navigational menu at the top of the screen in simple sans-serif font. Then immediately below that in a larger serif font is a headline detailing the Artist's name, alias, and occupation. It does get to be a bit lanky and I'm not certain if the serif font is effective. Although clicking onto the About page a large greeting gif featuring the artist is displayed, bringing the page in all its simplicity to a little bit of life. The description below the image of the artist though is a little long and could probably use some constraining, atleast a little bit. Also, clicking on the Shop page I greatly appreciate that the link opens up in a new tab so your way isn't last from the portfolio website. There doesn't appear to be any seperate page from the home page dedicated to an organized format of the artist's portfolio, and clicking on the individual images neight takes the viewer to a new page featuring the work or series by itself, or gives any more information about the works period, which I do believe is an opportunity lost to talk about one's work.

vannessa port art

Entry #45

Zie Darling's Art

Opening up this portfolio website, it's very pleasing to look at. The main layout of the website it consistant from page to page and maintains a simple black and white palette in order to bring the colors of the featured works forward. The Home acts as the portfolio page and the viewer can click on each of the works to view a larer version. Although there isn't any information to accompany the the page, which feels like an opportunity waisted in my eyes. But I again appreciate that the patreon tab when clicked on creates a new tab rather than opening it up in the same one, so as one doesn't loose the page that they were just on. The Contact and FAQ tabs as well as layed out nicely and easy to follow, with a lot of good information on them as well. The About page is similar although I wish the artist had chosen to use a picture of herself rather than an illustration, one as well that referrences a very specific fandom that may shut off some viewers. Also, some of the grammer in the descriptive paragragh seems a little off at first read. Clearing that up could possibly make a big difference.

zie darling art