Week #3

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #9

Mewsic Kitty Cafe

Pulling up the site, it's definitely a very basic website. It has a top menu across the top of the webpage with directional tabs. The names of the tabs are very self-explanatory and easy to follow, and when you ghost over the tabs a couple of them have drop-down menus. The logo is displayed prominently in the middle of the page, right under the top menu. Although, it's small compared to everything else on the page, and I think it might make more sense for it to be above the top menu, or placed something below towards the left or right and sized larger. It's not helped either by the fact that the logo acts as well as the headliner, and it’s easy to miss. And the picture shown below and information get cut off slightly, making it a slightly awkward fold. But the images and information are easy to follow, going along well with the very simple set up of the website.

mewsic kitty cafe

Entry #10


Pulling up the website, it's a little shocking. Because when you think of Apple, I think of their slight white, blank stores, seamless and modern looking. But the website is black and appears kind of choppy. There's a top menu, with directional tabs labeled after different Apple products, and some symbols, including the Apple symbol, which is surprisingly small in relation to the rest of the page. Although, below the fold, the website begins to look how one might expect it to look, white and a bit more sleek looking. And at the bottom of the page, there's a footer with a myriad of different information and directions to things like what's included in the top menu, and then directions not related to individual Apple Products.


Entry #11


The website is very recognizable to Starbucks, because of the color pallete, the prominent logo and the seamless coffee pictures that don't disrupt the layout of the page but work with it. It appears very functional. It's responsive as well, growing only to a certain size, and changing the layout when the window gets too small. There's a top menu, with very easy to follow directional tabs, with drop down menus when the mouse ghosts over the individual tabs, taking the user to menus, information about the business and their "impact". It also has a large footer at the bottom of the page, with more information to take the user to more information and resources. And when one clicks on whichever tab, the window it takes the user to is significantly simpler compared to the home page, using mostly white and images to direct the page, and I enjoy this personally because it doesn't feel like an overwhelming amount of information.


Entry #12

The Aroma Gregory Company

The Website has a very simple design, but it gets the job done. It does appear to be responsive in a way, as it gets smaller the menu changes its layout to continue to work. But as the window gets bigger it almost appears that all of the images just expand in size, almost becoming a little overwhelming. The color pallette is black and white, allowing for the various images and information to stand for themselves and leave their own impression on the viewer. There's a top menu, with drop down menus for each tabs, and they're fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Although a few of the links and pages have some glitches, minor glitches. For example, on the "Our People" page, one of the profiles isn't lined up with the rest of the profiles, creating a jarring discrepancy with the image and the type. But from what I can see, it doesn’t hinder the functionality of the website at all.

aroma gregory company