Week #4

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #13

Look Human

Opening up onto the webpage the website immediately gets its point across. It advertises their shirts and other products using bright attention-grabbing colors, sitting on a black and white canvas for the structure of the page. It uses a top menu with drop down tabs that advertise with more images and directional tabs. Over all the website is very easy to navigate, and true to its intended purpose is easy to get consumed into the further into the website one gets. It also has a very pleasing responsive webpage, as it stops growing at a certain size and the layout changes effectively when the page gets to phone-size. And the colors are satisfying and engaging since the majority of the website is white, not making any of the products overwhelming.

lookhuman store

Entry #14


Opening up onto the page, the screen is split down the middle, one side blue and the other stark white. This helps to emphasis the sparse information on either side, the blue advertising the websites purpose and the other bringing attention to how you get started and make an account. When one makes an account the layout changes to include three columns that break up the screen, a larger middle one that includes all of the content and posts of other users. The two side columns include directional tags and other "side" features. And the website is kind of responsive. The content stops growing at a certain size but as it gets smaller there is a point where the layout stops changing to accommodate the window and the content gets lost behind the border.


Entry #15

Cartoon Network

Pulling up the webpage, immediately the colors are bright and saturated and have the viewer's attention. I want to say they feel a little overwhelming, but for a children's website it is understandable. But the website is very nice in how it responds to the size of the window. For one it stops growing at a certain point, and the layout and color palette changes when it gets to small, the background color turning white instead, making the website ironically much easier to look at in a smaller size. There is a very simple four tab top menu that makes the navigation of the website very simple and easy to grasp.

cartoon network website