Week #5

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #16

TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

Immediately pulling up the website, there is a lot going on. A whole lot. The color pallete of the page is very cool, with a soft teal-ish color making up the background and some of the dividing boxes, the logo, the menu, etc. But while it's nice that the page is unified, the lack of variety makes the entire page really easy to get lost in, as there isn't really anything that catches my eye. The images that describe some of the services and content of the website are spread out evenly and consistently that they don't help with this issue. Also the page is not responsive. The page seems stuck at a certain size, and it won't grow or shrink any which way the window changes. This can be helpful when the window is very large, the content doesn't become too stretched to function, but when it gets small you begin to get where you need to scroll horizontally to see all of the content. But! What's funny, is that when you click on some of the directional tabs to go to some of the subpages, an additional new tab pops up onto what feels to be an entirely different, nicer designed, website. For example, clicking on "Watch TCM" takes you to an all new page in a new tab. The color palette and layout is completely different, with a black and white palette that properly supports the content layout. Also, the page is responsive! The layout changes to accomodate the size of the window.

turner classic movies turner classic movies watch

Entry #17

King Arthur Flour

Opening up the website, it's nice to note that the color pallete of the webpage appears to reflect the colors of the King Arthur Flour logo, keeping everything fairly unified. And the webpage is responsive to the size of the window, stopping the growth of the content at a certain size, sizing down as the window gets smaller and changing the layout. The directional menu, positioned at the top of the page, is also very straight forward. They each have drop down menus that hold a majority of the specific content and information. But there's also a second top menu, kind of tucked up into the top left corner with more directional tabs. They seem to be geared towards more specific information that perhaps isn't as pertinent to those visiting the website.

king arthur flour

Entry #18

Sonic Drive-In

Opening up to the website, there is a split second while the webpage is loading that a very soft image of white clouds and blue skies is depicted. Then the website loads and appears over it. It's a little strange, because I don't see much on the website following this that really explains the fluffy white clouds. Not that they weren't nice, just...very confusing. But the now revealed website is very clean. The color palette is black and white and there are complements of the Sonic logo colors, but not enough to become distracting, rather, they seem to lead the eye where to go directionaly. There's a very simple, very basic top menu with a very accentuating handwritten-like typeface. In fact, all type appears to be in sans-serif, making it very easy to read. But then! When clicking on one of the tabs, for example the menu tab, you're taken to the new page and the clouds are back! Very light, very suttle, acting as the background to the menu. It places the menu items as if they were floating in the heavens. And then at the very bottom, there is a large footer with an image in it! It's a very lovely image of a Sonic Drive-In location at night with cars driving in and out and people being served. It's a very warm image, so it seems a little funny to have it at the very bottom in the footer, but I can also see how the scene kind of acts as a conclusion to the page. A concluding evening image.

 sonic drive-in