Week #6

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #19


Pulling up onto the official Disney website I get the feeling of confusion, like there really isn't anything for my eyes to focus on on the page. There's a lot going on, there doesn’t appear to be a unifying color palette. There also appears to be a video file constantly playing on the main page cycling through different videos relating to Disney, but always playing something. There’s a top menu with really odd spacing between each of the directional tabs. Then there is a larger directional tab emphasized by its size and prominent blue air, yet at the same time it is lost in its placement of the top left corner. But clicking on it drops down a larger menu with all of the directional tabs with more details. It clears up the navigation of the page a little bit but overall it's still very overwhelming.


Entry #20

Calming Manatee

This website I find very fitting for it's content. Because the website is designed very simply, very straightforward and therefore it's very calming. There's a simple logo in the top left, a couple directional tab, a slideshow of images that takes up a large part of the page above the fold and then a few products that go off the page below. You know where you're going and what you're getting scrolling through this website. As well, using a simple white background really helps to succeed in keeping the website calm and bringing forward the content. Even the footer at the bottom is calming, though with slightly more information, such as information about their newsletter, card payment, and then links to their social media.

calming manatee

Entry #21


I love opening up onto this website, because it's always so nice to look at. The design has a very simple layout, but with the very illustrated quality to it, complemented by the dark theme and black and white color palette it feels unified and very intriguing. The design at the top of the page catches your eye and directs you down to the center aligned logo and directional tabs. The type as well is very well paired and sized. The website seems to be designed so as it feels like my eyes are being effectively directed and in a very natural way. As well there isn't much below the fold, nothing more than the copyright and the artist's social media. And the directional tabs have little drop down menus, but the "tip jar" tab takes the user to a whole new website, without opening up into a new tab, so that would be nice if it did.

faunwood art