Week #7

Bailey Lawlor

Entry #22

Katie Hicks Art

Opening up the page, the colors are very pleasing. The artist has made the background white but incorporated often-used colors from their work into the colors of their name logo and their menu. The menu is simple, with floating words acting as the directional tabs. They're a Sans-Serif font with bold, warm colors that change when you mouse over them-although not very noticeably. Their work is depicted on the home page, which also acts as the "work page", meaning the viewer doesn't have to click on the "work" tab to get to their work, it's the first thing they see. I think it's there simply to get back to it when traversing the sight. Mousing over an image a pink transparent comes up with red sans-serif text giving the work's title. Clicking on the work tabs the viewer to a new page with the full-sized image and a brief description of it. Although not all works hae description which I think there should be. The viewer should have something they can read about the work besides just the title in order to further connect with it and the artist themself. Also, in the footer at the very bottom there are black and white symbols of their social media.

katie hicks art

Entry #23

Helen Green Illustration

Clicking onto the website there is immediately a kind of explosion of illustrations. Laid out on a grid system the images are small and almost clutter the space. And while it does gives a wide overview of the artists work and specialization it is moderately overwhelming at first. There isn't much breathing room. There's a side menu to the left, with the artist's logo at the very top, very easy to see, a brief description underneath that, and then a direction menu made from different hand drawn types linking to the artist's contact and about page, and then link to their shop and various social medias. The hand drawn type is nice but each tab is situated very close to one another and like the images it would be nice to see a smidge more breathing room. The page also doesn't appear to be terribly responsive, the layout and image sizes don't change at all when the window gets larger or smaller.

helen green illustration

Entry #24

Claire Hummel Art

Opening up the website, there is an amazing visual effect created by the background featuring a transition of the artist's example pieces. Darkened slightly, it sets the scene of the website and immediately intrigues the viewer. And the type on the homepage almost gives a very hollywood, jurassic park, kind of effect, which I do believe works as it fits with the artist's chosen aesthetic. As well they have done work for the Jurassic franchise. And the simple type that makes up the menu, with no framing around it, is neither lost nor dominearing on the page. When clicking on one of the direction tabs the new page that pops up switches. For one the background is replaced by the slideshow of work with a simple pattern of sketches. The Headline also gets bigger and the directional tabs are added onto with "social" and "artbooks", which I think is specifically an odd choice. I'm not sure why she wouldn't include those on the homepage. But the artwork is presented on a grid format, everything a square fitting perfectly together until it's clicked on. When clicked on a full size image pops up on the screen and can be exited back to the full collection by clicking on a little 'x' at the top right corner. I think it's a very visually pleasing effect but it'd be nice to have more information on each of the works.

claire hummel art claire hummel illustration