Entry 11 -Grovemade and Woot

Grovemade Front Page

Utility: Grovemade is a retail site offering really slick-looking wooden electronic accessories. The products range from full desktop setups to phone docks to designer watches.

Aesthetics: The frontpage is a script-loaded scrolling image gallery that fills the entire window. The site is not responsive, but it does center and wrap all text on the products if the window is resized. The navigation, however, does not wrap or show fully. There is a call at the end of the source to show a mobile site though.

Technical: Grovemade's code is full of javascript and a whole lot of HTML. The css called is also very long. While it all adds up to a very pleasing look, it seems as if there is somewhat too much going on, although, most of it admittedly goes over my head.

Final Thoughts: Grovemade is a really pretty site selling really pretty products at a premium. If I had the money, I would totally buy the desktop set. The website does a great job of making you want the products.


Woot Front Page

Utility: Woot is a website that offers a new product every day for discount prices. Usually electronic items, they are typically refurbished, but like-new. It's a really good place to find cheap products like the Chromebook shown in the image.

Aesthetics: Woot has a very strong full-screen design with an ad banner at top (boo, I guess) and a navigation bar. The product is shown with some pithy copy about how great it is and a huge "I want one" button that takes you to the checkout page. The page does not resize to the window nor is it responsive. Also, the margin on the left side is zero, so the text and images bump right up the window.

Technical: As with most sites I've reviewed, Woot has a good bit of javascript and HTML with many css attributes to style the content on the page.

Final Thoughts: Woot is a really cool site, that, as with some of my earlier reviews (This is why I'm broke and Thinkgeek,) will empty your wallet, so approach with care.

Entry 12 - Tumblr and Think Progress

Tumblr Front Page

Utility: Most people are aware of Tumblr by now. It allows users to post blogs, images (jpegs and gifs) that interest them. Although it is chock-full of the most current memes and porn, there are categories for pretty much any topic you can think of. Tumblr is, in essence, a time waster.

Aesthetics: The website has a pleasing dark blue background with an infinite scrolling layout, allowing the user to waste untold amounts of time. The navigation at the top is easy to navigate and editing your page is a simple process.

Tumblr Code Logo

Technical: Again, tumblr is full of javascript jibberish (at least to me) and a ton of HTML and css that generate the posts. As a cool aside, they've included an ASCII image of the tumblr logo.

Final Thoughts: Tumblr is one of my favorite websites for aggregating content that I care about, much like Pinterest, but with a larger bevvy of content. There's something for everyone.


Utility: ThinkProgress is a website for the, obviously, progressive (read: liberal) mind. It has informative stories, that while leaning far left, keep the reader up on the most current stories.

ThinkProgress Screenshot

Aesthetics: The layout is quite pleasing with large blocks of stories on the front page and vertically sorted stories below that.

Technical: I'm completely confused by the code for this page, to tell the truth. The entire thing seems to be built in javascript with only a couple of divs and css positioning the blocks.

Final Thoughts: I use ThinkProgress to keep abrest of the most current news in the world. The content aligns with my worldview, and is therefore satisfying to read. I do wish there was a bit more non-partisan tilts, but I read other sites to get various viewpoints.