Week 8

Website- Vans

The vans website is a shoe sales site. The website aesthetically is very true t the vans brand and vans style. The logo is present in the top left corner and there are two main menus on the top. There is one that serves as a shopping menu and one that is a more personal shopping menu such as, shopping cart, and package tracking. There are a few images on the home page for mens, womens, and childrens shoes and apparel. The also have a transparent box on the bottom half of the image with links to certain things within those categories which is nice. Everything on the website is pretty simple to find there are multiple ways to navigate through all of the information. The website also scales down nicely and has a large footer on the bottom. So overall it is aesthetically nice and very user friendly.


Website- Jeni’s Ice cream

The Jeni's ice cream site is very nice. The website has some beautiful photos on the homepage and a nice menu at the top. The pictures are links to things such as ice cream flavors, the jenis story, and information about delivery. The photos all match the aesthetic and the information is clearly presented. There is also a link to maps on where you can find jenis and a nice footer on the bottom summing up all of the information, and providing contact links. The website scales down nicely but the photos do get very small. This website most definitely makes me want ice cream so I think mission achieved.

jenis Home