Week 10

Website- Buffalo Exchange

This is a website for a local and chain of vintage stores. Just looking at the homepage the website does seem a little crowded and crazy. There are lots of images, that are nice images and illustrations but there is no space between any of them. They are a little crowded and competing with each other. They have a very fun style that flows throughout the website and they have a simple menu at the top and scrolling pictures under the menu with different information. The subpages are also pretty crowded but have more space to breath. The website does scale down but does it is still crowded once it is phone size. Overall I think the website is just too crowded and could be laid out in a better manner.


Website- TPAC

The TPAC website looks like it may bes. a little dated and could use a makeover but it is very clear and easy to find things. There is a menu at the top and some images of upcoming shows. Along with scrolling images displaying upcoming events. The website does scale down nicely and remains nice and clear and things are easy to find. Overall the website is nice, just possibly a few years old and could use a few tweaks.

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