Week 11

Website- The Frist

The frist website interestingly has a pinterest type layout with lots of pictures fitting in haphazardly. It has a mostly white and gray background which makes sense when displaying some many pictures and artworks, so the background color does not disrupt the content. There is interestingly a menu on the left side of the window instead of at the top. Everything is easy and simple to get to. There is a footer with more information on the bottom. This website seems very fitting for a museum. It displays the information about upcoming shows and exhibits well and the other information viewers may be looking for is easy to find as well.


Website- The Happy Planner

The happy planner website is a website for the planner company where they display their planners and add ons and things like that for sale. The website has a very cute, and fitting style for the brand of the company. They have a large logo in the top middle of the page with a smaller menu below that. Then the social media links are to the top left. Under the top navigation there are photos of featured products. The website is nice and responsive and clean. Overall the website is clean and simple and displays a smaller number of products very well and does not overload and make the website too unecessarly crowded.

happyplanner Home