Week 13

Website- Guerilla Girls

This is a website for the women's activist group the Guerrilla girls and I think they have a great website. It is fun colorful, fitting to their brand and what they do and it is easy to use and find information. The homepage has a logo and top navigation, with a video playing under that and then scrolling down there is featured work and upcoming events. They have a great footer at the bottom of the page, and all the information is clear and easy to get to, while still being a fun a playful site. The website is very responsive it moves over, a hamburger menu replaces the navigation bar and everything shrinks down.


Website- The Goat

This is a website for a local restaurant with a few locations around Nashville. This website focuses on a simple refined look. The have their logo prominent and small top navigation bar on the homepage. As well as a large photo of one of the restaurants. The website fits the aesthetic of the restaurants and the brand nicely and the information, such as menu, and locations a is easy to find. Over all the website is fairly simple. Most of the space is taken up b large photos, with a few words about something under each photo and then a simple footer at the bottom. The website is very responsive and scales down nicely and all of the navigation is simple and straightforward. Overall this is a nicely put together and aesthetically pleasing website.