Week 12

Website- Papa Murpheys

Papa Murphy's website is pretty clean and simple and makes ordering online pretty simple. Is has a pretty short layout, on a computer or laptop size screen all the information fits without having to scroll at all. There is one top navigation bar, a large picture in the middle and then a small footer under the picture. The website however is not very responsive. When shrunken down the navigation bar simply gets cut off and unfindable. The picture gets cut off and the only item that really stays intact is the logo. If the website is actually is actually viewed on a phone there is a hamburger menu and the phone size version is alpsi nice and easy to use and navigate.


Website- Retail Me Not

This is a coupon code website where users can submit coupon codes for different stores and users can share in the savings. It is a simple layout that does become a little cluttered with different search bars and options, as well as pop-up ads. There is a large purple navigation bar across the top as well as some sorting options on the side. The usability is fairly simple once you get to the website you just search for the company you are looking for discount codes for, and whatever is on the site for that store will come up. Overall I think a website with so much information could do a better job of consolidating things in a more clear and concise way, that may also be more visually appealing. This website is also fairly responsive but some of the information does get cut off when shrinking the webpage down really small.