Week 14

Website- Gibson Guitars

The gibson guitars website is nice and brand-fitting. I is easy to use and easy to look at. The main page first features a top navigation bar, then some scrolling images of different guitars. Followed by some more still photographs of guitars and people playing guitars. They advertise many different guitar types and styles on the website but keep it clean and simple. The top navigation bar has drop down menus but the drop downs are pretty short, which is nice and not overcrowded. The website is very responsive and over all functions well and has a nice aesthetic.


Website- Popcorn.com

Popcorn.com is something I typed in at random and seems to be a pretty useless website. It features a large photo of popcorn, and a title at the top saying popcorn and more. The background image does shrink and expand with the website, which sometimes looks good and sometimes doesn't. There are two, what appear to be links at the top but they are indeed not links, they do nothing. Besides the background photo the website is not responsive the “links” get cut off when the site is shrunken. Overall the website seems functionless.