Week 3

Website - Roxy Movie Theater Lebanon

This website seems very simple and outdated. The home page simply offers a picture of the theater an address and phone number. There is a textured background behind this and it only spans across the middle of the page offering a different textured background to the left and right. There also seem to be more ads covering the page than actual relevant content to the theater. At the top there is a small menu that has two options: now showing, and top 10 box office. The now showing tab takes viewers to a bullet list of links to the currently playing movies. While the top 10 takes you to takes the viewer to a list of popular box office movies that are not currently playing at the theater so this information seems slightly irrelevant. While the website is slightly responsive the information becomes stacked in a weird way, two or three ads pop up on the top before any important content. Overall the website is very basic and unappealing on a design left. It displays very little important information and is riddled with ads, which are very distracting from the little actual content on the website.


Website- Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media website based around boards. Viewers see multiple images at once, these images may just be a collection of different things based on the viewers profile of the other images they like and pin. Or pins can be searched for by categories. This website is set up very nicely it is easy to use and easy to quickly find tons of different things. The viewer can click on any pin and be directed to the website it came from. Users of the site can create a profile and make boards to which they can collect and arrange pins that they like. This website is good for a wide variety of things and really helps compile alot of information. The site itself is appealing to look at and easy to use and is very responsive to smaller screens. The website is very user friendly just lays out all the information simply and straightforward.