Week 4

Website- Nashville Zoo

The nashville zoo's website is very pleasing aesthetically, it is bright and colorful, and shows some great pictures of the animals right off the bat. From the home page viewers can do many things, such as plan a visit, learn about membership or donate. Those options are presented at the top right of the page, next to a hamburger menu that has more options, and in the middle of the page in colorful buttons. Another great feature of the homepage is a spot that says today at the zoo, this shows viewers a daily schedule of what is happening at the zoo. This is helpful and easy to locate for people planning to go to the zoo, or already at the zoo looking for a schedule. Down a bit more on the homepage there's a section for upcoming events, this section gets a little crowded. As a viewer scrolls over an option the color of that option changes and the background picture for the entire section changes. The website is responsive and adapts well to different screen sizes. Overall it is bright, colorful and showcases the animals and important things such as planning a trip or upcoming events.

Website- Urban Outfitters

The urban outfitter's site apon first look, seems to be a nice site, it is a shopping website but does not seem way overcrowded. The top of the page alerts viewers of a sale and gives them the options to shop men's, women's, or home sales. Then further down there are many boxes promoting viewers to shop new arrivals, back in stock, and most liked. These boxes feature a background picture and fun type adding flare to the website. Overall aesthetically the site keeps things simple and clean, which helps viewers navigate through a site that has so much content. At the top there is an overall menu showing the different categories people can shop, a sign in button, and a shopping bag option. When viewing on a phone the menu becomes a hamburger menu and everything else responds apporatily. This site works extremely well at phone size as a well as on a larger monitor and also looks great at both sizes.