Week 5

Website- The Great Escape Nashville

The great escape’s website is very basic and simple, but does display information practically in a manner that makes sense. At the top there are options for: overview, products, and contacting the store. Scrolling down on the homepage the viewer can see a description of the store, and important information such as hours, location and the products they buy sale and trade. The website is responsive and scales down nicely the only bad thing is some of the important information like store hours get pushed much further down the page. Overall this is simply a basic website that allows viewers to find relevant information easily but aesthetically is not the most wonderful website in the world.


Website- Sour Patch Kids

The sour patch kids website is a very simple website. It has one menu at the top, a middle section that has some scrolling pictures, showing different candies and things such as inviting the viewer to friend them on facebook, and another small menu at the bottom. The website itself is also completely yellow, which is a very bright color and almost annoying color for such a large space. There is also a very pixelated image of a sour patch kid on the bottom holding a box of sour patch kids. If you watch the little slide show he jumps up and interacts with it, which is nice but he is still super pixelated. The website is also not very responsive, the page sits in the middle of the screen and when made smaller some of the page just gets cut off. Overall the website is very basic and not designed very well.