Week 6

Website - Jerry's Artarama

The Jerry’s website is very crowded at a first look. There are three separate menus at the top. The top one is small to the right hand corner of the screen, that is more about personal accounts. The second is a larger menu with a search bar, and where the shopping cart is, and the final menu displays the product categories. When the viewer scrolls over any of these categories there is another large drop down menu with many many options. There are also two large footers on the bottom of the webpage, one with resources, and ways to connect with jerrys and the bottom has payment options and reviews. The website is very responsive and becomes much more manageable when shrunken down. All the menus are made into a hamburger menu and the pages content gets narrowed down. The website overall on a large browser is just crowded, but if the viewer was looking for something specific thing it most likely could be easily found by clicking through a few categories.


Website- Plaza

Plaza’s website is similar in looks and function to Jerry’s website. However, just apon first look the Plaza website is much less crowded than the Jerrys website. There are fewer images on the home page and the important information such as store hours and the location is right on the top of the home page. There is an across menu on the top displaying different types of productions and when scrolled over they also display some really large drop down menus with lots of information. Scrolling down there is a schedule with workshops and things like that and the important information such as address, and phone number and things are repeated on the bottom in the footer. Overall this is a nice clean website, that houses lots of information and products nicely. The only issue may be is that on a full size browser menu there seems to be two sides, the webpage does not get large enough to fill the entire window, but is very responsive when scaling down to phone size.