Week 7

Website- Poly

This is a band website and has a very interesting chosen aesthetic, because it is more of a niche aesthetic. The background is all pink with all blue and purple words. There are as well musical instrument playing cats at the top of the page, and funny bunny illustrations on the sides. Functionally this is a very simple website meant to highlight the two albums poly has put out. It has the songs from the album and the viewer can click to listen to them. The website is responsive but does have two border edges if the page is mage to large. However, in the border there is the fun bunny pattern that matches the style of the website so it does fit nicely. Over all the website is simple but functional. I think the website is a good example of a website that is seeking a certain type of audience and is not to bothered by the fact many people may not like the design of the site.


Website- O.P.I

O.P.I. is a nail polish brand and there website is is a clean cut, store site. They have a few menus across the top as well as social media icons and things of that nature. They then have some pictures and different advertisements, for sales and things like that. They have images which are links to different collections of nail polish and some basic shopping site features. They also have a large footer with repeating information, social media and links and things. The website is very responsive and scales up and down nicely the information becomes more contained without being hard to find. Aesthetically the website is nice and showcases many different colors and styles on the homepage without getting overwhelming. Overall it is a nice clean cut shopping site.

opi Home