Week 9

Website- Project 615

The Project 615 website is a shopping website for the local company. They have a very clean website and layout, unlike some of the other shopping websites I have looked at. They new and featured products are displayed well and there is one small menu at the top. Then there is an offer to join their mailing list and then pictures for the locations. Then finally they have a clean footer at the bottom. The information is laid out simple and clean. The website is very responsive and scales down nicely.


Website- Ford

The Ford website is interesting in the respect that it is kind of a shopping website, but also needs to tell people how to find dealerships near them. As well as lots of technical information and features of each of the cars on the site. So this website needs to be very clear and concise. Which I think for the most part it is there are lots of options and links to click on but it is fairly clear where each of the links will take you. It is easy to browse and filter cars in different ways and then it is easy to see the specific features of each car and the price and technical things like that. Just looking at the homepage there are of course some pictures and ads for different lines of vehicles and then a very large footer with tons of information. The website scales down nicely and really my only complaint is the top of the homepage is laid out very simple and clean but the bottom is has a few footers that contain tons of information so things get a little lost towards the bottom.

ford ford

Website- Hydroflask

This is another shopping website for a more specific line of products- the water bottles. This website is nice and pretty clean. There is a 4 item menu at the top that when you scroll over drop down menus appear and some of them get a little crowded. However the feature pictures and some nice design work within the drop down menus themselves. This website is paying a lot of attention to detail and matching the style and aesthetic of their brand really well. Another really cool thing I noticed the window tab seems to flip back and forth between two sayings and little icons. This is something I have not noticed on any other website. The website also scales down nicely and has great functionality. Overall this website has a nice style and is easy and fun to use.

flask flask