Week 1

Website- SheIn

Aesthetically the website is pretty crowded with just how many different things you have the option to click on right off the bat. As well as having additional pop-ups alerting sales and deals. The color scheme and over all look is coherent. The usability is ok besides the crowdedness, there are so many categories and each category seems to only lead to more categories. However, the names of the categories do seem to make sence and take the user to places that make sense. Also important things such as profile and shopping bag are easy to find. The biggest problem comes when the website is shrunk all the way down, or using it on a phone. This causes the website to become slightly glitchy and it has trouble fitting all of its information on the screen and sometimes things become overlapped. Overall the website is just too crowded with sales categories and such. If just browsing it would be ok, but if someone is trying to shop for something specific is may become harder.


Website- Manrepeller

Aesthetically this site is nice, it sort of follows a usual article based website type approach with a little extra flare. The main articles pop up first, the site is not too crowded. It is easy to navigate, with the exception of the search key seems a little hard to find. There is a menu up top which gives viewers the option to look at: fashion, everything else, lookbook, or search. This whole menu seems a little small, the attention is more focused on the articles of the day, which is of course the intention so it still works. The site sizes down nicely and works well on the phone screen as well. Additionally when looking on a larger screen there is a small red border around the site that shrinks and expands with the site. This is something I haven’t noticed on too many sites before, but I seems nice, even when shrinking the website down and exposing the other things on my desktop and background, the border calls attention to the site, and keeps it’s content neat.