Week 2

Website- Tennessee State Parks

This website seems simple and clean from a first glance. This is a very informative website, so the ability to find information is very important. The information seems to be laid out clearly with a menu at the top prompting viewers to find a park, or see the calendar of events and things like that. When looking at a small screen or on the phone this menu becomes and hamburger menu and is still very functional. In the middle of the website there are different icons of campgrounds, and waterfalls and things like that. These icons can be clicked on and it shows the viewer different parks with those features, which is very convenient and user friendly. Aesthetically the website is a simple white with a limited color pallet, but it is clean and the colors coincide well with the theme of the website in general.

Website- All About Holidays

This website is an online store for a physical store in Lebanon. This website has man things packed in, but keeps it organised and important information is easy to find. The website looks fairly nice, the aesthetic designs are kept fairly simple but it does keep things clear. It is responsive and seems compatible to many sizes and does so smoothly. One issue I do find with this website is there are many things on the page when the mouse hovers over a drop down menu comes up, or something else happens. This feature is a little over used, to the point just moving around the site it gets busy or distracting with all the moving parts.


Website- Taylor Swift

The Taylor Swift website is easy to navigate and pleasing to look at It has a very distinct style but does keep things simple. The main page of the site features, related news, announcements and merchandise. There is also an additional menu at the top prompting: news, store, events, and music. The website is very responsive, on a phone or small browser screen the menu becomes a hamburger menu on the side, and has a nice effect when clicked on. The four menu options as previously listed come in from either side and appear on a transparent background. This is a nice stylistic element that is not distracting.