Online Notebook

De'Markquel Jordan

Review #1

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Anime freak is online anime streaming website; it features a blue textured background with a black bar at the top. The design is simple and responsive with easy to locate directories. The search bar is nice in the sense that at a full screen format it will show not only suggestions but the suggestions will also have small thumbnails to further accompany the name for better searching capabilities. The advertisements on the site however can be a bit of a problem since it is meant to be a site for all ages but does not have a filter for the ad content.

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Review #2

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Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 12.13.07 AM is a grocery website; it has a white background with a rectangular tab in which the content of the page sits on. The main menu options send you into different tabs which is somewhat dumb in the sense that it does not just reload the page instead. This can be really annoying when trying to browse through multiple products as it will just keep making new tabs. The responsiveness is also somewhat lackluster as after it shrink down to a point it loses the ability to search or browse the options making the size constraints somewhat bothersome.

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Review #5

Adult swim is a streaming website for a television station that airs at night time. The website contains a variety of entertainment fit for all devices. It has responsive scaling fit for all sizes and a menu that collapses when scaled down to prevent it from taking up too much space. The page also features thumbnails of popular shows to make it easier to quickly access the shows that their most likely to pick. It also has a constant stream of entertaining content at the top of the page which properly scales with the rest of the page. The only thing which makes the page lack luster is the over usage of imagery which makes the composition seem a little cluttered.

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Review #6 is relatively simplistic site which only streams a limited number of episodes from their television station. This in all honesty seems pointless as these shows can’t be viewed unless you were to sign in with a cable provider listed by their site which by the point makes it useless in the sense that you could just watch the show on television either by recording or when it airs being that they don’t carry many episodes of most series. This compiled with the lack of appeal makes it hard to want to remain on the site for long. This overall makes the site seem like more of an afterthought for most as it will not be easily accessible for those who do not have said cable providers or don’t have the patience to find that extra information top sign in through said providers.

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