Danielle Long Notebook

Week One

Website #1: Colossal


I have been using this site on and off to look at today's contemporary art for years now. This was before I mainly used Instagram to explore the art world and get up to date with the new and upcoming artists that I know today. The site can be navigated as if it was a blog site, being updated on the regular with chronologically organized posts. All you do is scroll to explore or merely click the menu links under the header for the various pages it can take you to.

One of the things that I personally enjoy about the website is the easy to navigate layout. The site alters to virtually any monitor for proper viewing, except your phone. The images are a bit small for me and I have a problem viewing them as well as reading the articles. Anyways, the site is fairly simple; if you want to just look at a generalized little bit of everything that the site posts, then you keep scrolling down as if you were on a social media app browsing. But if you want to look at the more Illustration based posts and works, then you would click the link to take you to the sites page that filters out everything but the Illustration based art. Or lets say you want to get a bit of shopping done the site also provides a link to their gift shop inspired by many of the artists that the site talks about.

Visually, the website is a clean and well designed site. The layout is clean and simple to look at, not complex or hard to visually interpret. It is not too busy or outdated either. And with the calming color pallet that the creator chose, the site isn't an eyesore to explore and look at. It doesn't distract from the artwork and text provided by the site.


Website #2: Etsy


Some artists and creators sell their work through sites like this one, Etsy. Just recently I got into online shopping, finding that making wish lists online makes it easier for my relatives to shop for me along the holiday season.

Etsy is a very organized site. You can search for all sorts of things with the convenient little search bar, if you are looking for something in specific. Or if you want to merley browse the site and what it has to offer, simply click the tab that says Browse. There it gives you various options and categories that you can explore. Jewelry, apparel, all sorts of handmade creations of bit and baubles are on the site.

You can also sort the items for sale based on prices, color, where they are coming from all sorts of options. It makes shopping easier considering how much information can be on the site based on what you're looking for.

The site also applies good design and layout, using only orange as the color while the rest is fairly muted pallet wise. With the minimal amount of color, it makes the site easier to read. It is not as busy as it would be with too many pictures and colors to overstimulate the shopper.


Week Two

Website #3: Boxlunch


I was recently introduced to the wonderful site known as Boxlunch over the winter break when going out to shop with my aunt. The website is essentially an online ordering and shopping site, where you can find various items based on pop culture tv shows, books, movies, and video games. They cater to every type of fan base, from Disney to the anime lovers.

The websites layout, specifically on the home page, can be a bit overwhelming. Each picture is essentially a clickable link that can take you to the specific page based on that category of the item. For example, if you clicked on the Kingdom Hearts 3 picture that says shop now, then it would take you to a page with only Kingdom Hearts based items to shop for. Once you click and can go to that page, the lay out isn’t as cluttered and overwhelming, in fact it is a bit more organized in a sense. You can simply scroll down to go and explore the store as you shop.

That being said, they do have a clean lay out and color scheme. The upper header tab with various categories to go explore are laid out with easy key words, such as men and women’s apparel. This makes the site easier to navigate for the shopper.


Website #4: Pinterest


Pinterest is a platform that I use quite often to categorize and edit my art inspiration. It’s useful when one is working on a project and wants to keep their pictures and links together. Not only is it a convenient way to keep your thoughts in order and makes for a quick reference tool.

Overall, the website’s format and layout is simple and easy to read. It doesn’t list its images to the point of it becoming overwhelming to the viewer, which makes browsing convenient and simple. The color scheme is also muted, a plain off white and grey with the occasional button being red.

Not only is the format of Pinterest nice to use when it comes to browsing, but the site is also easy to use. There are buttons that you can use to put your pins on certain boards, which make categorizing a breeze. And in case you want to edit and alter the pins and boards that you have, you simply go to your profile home page and set it up.


Website #4: My Modern Met

My Modern Met

My Modern Met is a site that is similar to one such as Colossal, being mainly an arts blod/website that holds various articles and interviews with artists and such. The site uses a fairly simple layout, yet can get a bit confusing if its your first time using the site in general. The home page is a bit conflicting, having a bit too much information about it on the screen, making the links a bit overwhelming.

It is a simple site to navigate after a while however, after you select a tab of a category up in the top menu, you only have to scroll through the posts as you read through them. This makes browsing and exploring the site not too complex and easy to use. You don't have to click to go to various pages for each set of scrolling that you do, similarly to Colossal.