Danielle Long Artwork


Entry #1 03/29/19

Thank god that classes are almost over. Most nights I'm not getting much sleep anymore thanks to the work load that I have. Not only that but my back aches from constantly hunching over the screen in a pitiful attempt to get my work done...maybe I am just getting old. Regardless, the second half of this semester was just...well brutal. Very intense, and to be frank it was probably the worst work load that I have had. I kept being stressed over everything, not just school and my classes but stuff back at home too.

Entry #2 04/30/19

I'm also really craving junk food right now. Granted that because today I forgot to eat but who's keeping track of that anyways? My stomach is...maybe I'll finally lose those few pounds thanks to improper eating. I doubt it though. Ah...the joys of working as a stressed college student.

Entry #3 05/01/19

I hope to get better at this whole coding thing. I'll be honest, it still kinda confuses me and sometimes scares me, so hopefully I can teach myself more stuff this summer thanks to the basics taught by my HTML and CSS professor. I think I can do a lot now that summer is here and I have more free time.