Week Five

Entry One

Visit: Lowdi.com

Lowdi has a one papge website. It follows a flat design and minimalistic style.There is a limited amount of tipe, and the type choices are well thought out. This website demonstrates how a designer can show all the content and essential product information without needing to use lot of text. The most text heavy subject is the FAQ section, which is a popup that includes a side menue, but in the smaller version of the site it is a separate page..The website also includes an animated video and a review video. Both videos are in one player.What is annoying about the video player is that you can't really change between each video without having to refresh the page.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: Climbworks.com

Climbworks is a site that knows how to organize a great amount of information efficiently.When you visit the main page of the website, it offers you a link that will direct you visit the page of one of its two locations.It is also helpful that the Smoky Mountains location is Green and the Keana Farms location is orange.You are able to navigate to each page without getting them confused by stubtle these choices of colors, but still feel like you are on the same site by the similar layouts of both of the pages.

website screenshot