Week Four

Entry One

Visit: Quizlet.com

Quizlet is designed for creating study cards.Creating an account on Quizlet is easy since you can do it by signing in with your gmail. The header contains a 'create' link that lets you create your own flashcards.Creating a flash card on this site is fairly straightforward.On the create page, you can easily add an image, or even use a suggested image, which can be convient. A plus symbol apears as you hover inbetween a card.The cards are numbered but as you hover over a card, the number turns into a trash logo that lets you delete that card. Although there are many features in that you can add to your flashcards, they are not overwhelming or confusing. If you have any trouble navigating the page, there are guides and suggestions that a aslo be turned off. You can even add a diagram by uploading an image. You can edit and add terms to the diagram. It follows the trend of having a large footer.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: maruchan.com

The Maruchan website includes colors that pop out.They are vibiant and give the site a broght mood.The site is simple and responsive. It is not wordy and you can find information on its products easily. You can also go to its other websites that are labeled by country.The sites are listed in the footer which includes Maruchan Japan, Mexico and Brazil.Visually, the other sites are similar to the main site in color schemes and layout.The Maruchan Mexico did look more fun and intractive compared to the main site.The giraffe's hair moving against the wind was fun to look at.The Maruchan Japan was the site that looked the most different from the main site. It looked more like a pop up add than a website. There was too much going on the home page and had a lot more words and links than the main site.The Brazil Maruchan showed a lot more recipies than the other sites.

website screenshot