Week Nine

Entry One

Visit: Chegg.com

Chegg's website contains a balanced mixture of photos and vectored images. Besides having a well organized navigaion menu, the website makes it easy to search up what you want to find, and search bar is easy to locate as well. The main color sceheme is orange and white.You don't have to scroll down too much to reach the end of the page.The "Sudy Help" section in the Cheg Study page could be better organized.The colors help make it readable, but the sections feel close together.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: li.me

The Lime website is easy to navitage through. The website does a good job of simplifying information. The website should, however, focus more on emphisizing imortant information. Prices and location of the products shold be more obvious. "LimeBike Smart Pedal Bikes" looks should not be hoveravble if it is not meant to be a link. It does keep the section look more consistent, but it can be confusing. The purpose of the "LimeBike Smart Pedal Bikes" is also confusing because it does not have a discription, so it is you do not know why its there. The illustration at the bottom of each page is fun to look at and is consistant on each page.

website screenshot