Week One

Entry One


The Wacom website is simple and easy to navigate. The top of the homepage contains a slideshow that inclues its latest items and likes for more information. The website also includes a simple navigation dropdown menu.This site is a fairly responsive website.As you shrink the browser, you can see that the browser changes what it looks like. The panels in the home page go from a rectangular shape to a more square shape as you shorten the page.As you shrink the page to the smallest size it can go, the panels stack themselves vertically.The home page is kept fairly short.I appreciate that you don't have to scroll down much to reach the bottom of the page.Under the enterprise tab in the dropdown menu, each section has a link, a description and a simple icon. Overall, the site does not incude much color.The background color is white and blue is the main color the website uses for links and banners.Overall, I like how easy it is to navigate through the site, but I wish that the design was a little more interesting. As a site aimed for creatives, it needs more creativity in the design of the website.

website screenshot

Entry Two


PBS also contains two separate dropdown menues in top of the home page.The one on the left is designed for more information on NPT. The one on the right is made up of PBS's brodcasting information and where to shop or donate to PBS.The site is simple and well organized.I did not have trouble navigating through its pages. I do wish there was a litte less going on on the home page as you scroll down. As you make the website shorter, it does eliminate some of the unnecessary information and and removes some of icons and images. Overall, I think this website is suited for its intended audience.

website screenshot