Week Seven

Entry One

Visit: Nashvillezoo.org

The Nashville Zoo website is a responsive website.It has colors that pop. It feachers a hamburger menue mixed with a navigation bar. The top left includes icons that ypu can click for social media and shop.Usually socialmedia links are included at the bottom on mot wbsites, but having it at the top as well imlplies that it is important information that the site wants the viewer to easily find.The animal photos are high quality images and the giraffe sticking out of the footer was a nice addition.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: Athenspaper.com

The Athens paper website is very basic and to the point.The layout is not too complex and ypu don't have to scoll down much on the the main webpage. The navigation menu is overall ballanced and easy to understand.The drop down navigation menu items do not have an overwhelming amount of catagories as other sites usually do. One issue is that some links are not as responsive or are slow to respond, but that could just be the network connection.

website screenshot