Week Six

Entry One

Visit: Americangreetings.com.com

The banner has a holiday-themed banner. A big part of the home page shows you St.Patrick themed cards. the webpage prioritizes current holidays and then birthday cards. The page has three different navigations on top and one side navigation on the left. This makes the page look a little cluttered. It does not need that many navigation bars. I don't see why they don't combine the sign in and join now links in the first top navigation bar. This site is definitely not easy to navigate through. There is too much repetitive information that could be simplified.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: Ohuhu.com

The lucky cupon button has a subtle animation that caught my attention.TOhuhu sells a variety of products but the site's main focus is on its marker sets.The first thing I noticed as I browsed through the marker set page was the item labeled "Ohuhu 120 Colors Dual Tips Marker Pens." This item caught my eye because for some reason it was labeled as being sold for $99999.00.When you clicked on the link, it doesn't even take you to a page to buy the product.It instead takes you to a self promotion page with a painting gallery. The other products on the marker page, however, work normally.

website screenshot