Week Fourteen

Entry One

Visit: Doritos.com

The Doritos website includes interesting animations.When you hover over an item in the navigaion bar,the list item becomes red and has an animation effect.The 'view product' buttons bags of chips have a glow effect added to them. The home page has a slideshow banner that includes videos.The videos do look like they are lower resolution, but that is not too distracting. The website's main colors are black and red.These make the site pop out and they also match the colors of the brand's latest product.The site is very responsive.It incudes a hamburger menu when the length of the screen is shrunk, and it includes a animated hamburger menue when you scroll down on the larger sized version of the website. Overall, this website is as hot as some of its products.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: Bath&BodyWorks.com

The website for Bath & Body Works looks like your standard and basic website. The navigation menu has a slightly interesting design. It can look a little cluttered and frustrating to navigate through.Even though there is a lot to the menu, its design makes sense, and I didn't really have trouble navigating through it. Although it is organized, I would have liked for it to look more simplified.The menu in the smaller version of the site looks better than the full screen version. The coupon banner on the top of the website is not very attractive.Some of the banners and images inside the website are interesting to look at, but can be a little too much to see when they are placed closely together. Overall, I prefered the mobile site to the desktop version because it looks a little less busy. The site is not that interesting, but it works.

website screenshot