Week Two

Entry One

Visit: Johngreenbooks.com

The home page of the website is split in half.On the left side of the home page, there is an image of John Green and his name. on the right side of the home page, there is a short introduction about John Green. It mention a few of his books and his YouTube series. These items are underlined and include links for more information on his books within his website and a link to his YouTube channel. Below the introduction is a link to his bio and an arrow that implies that you should scroll down further to the website. The main colors of his website are blue, white, and a little bit of yellow. What is interesting about John Green's website is how the pages are split in half . The left side displays the heading, and the right side contains the content.Only the right side contains the ability to scroll down. The reason why the website is designed this way may be because it is meant to resemble a book, since he is most recognized for his books.Since you don't have to scroll down that much within each page, it is a reasonable design to use, but I found that this design to look a little crowded.

website screenshot

Entry Two

Visit: Grilledcheeserie.com

The home page contains the restaurat's menu. The most important thing in a restuarant's website should be its menu, and the menue it has is well organized.The menu has three categories that you can click on and it will show you that part of the menu, which makes it easier to navigate through. The website's main colors are yellow, orange, white,and black.The colors are perfect or a grilled cheese resaurant. The image of the grilled cheese im the top of the home page is very alluring. This site contains a horizontal navigation bar that becomes a hamburger menu when the window becomes smaller.

website screenshot