It's Review Time

Week 14

Many people like to watch stupid people make dumb things for entertainment. Or at least that's how it used to be.

This is a picture of the front page of Youtube's site in light mode
This is a picture of the front page of Youtube's site in dark mode
This is a picture of one of Youtube's videos
This is a picture of the front page of Dailymotion's site
This is a picture of the some posts of Dailymotion's site
This is a picture of one of Dailymotion's videos


YouTube is a video-sharing site and app. The site is entirely user-generated and relies on its community to flag videos that violate YouTube's terms of service (mostly for sexual content, language, and hate speech). Channel owners can also now distribute live content, and can launch live streams at will, which are governed by YouTube rules. One of the Web's most popular destinations for people of all ages, YouTube now curates its videos, suggesting clips and new "channels" based on what you've watched previously. The design looks clean and most elements are clad in white or light grey. There's even a dark mode you can enable in the settings. Up in the top right corner, you can access a search tool for finding content to watch from specific genres or channels, which is helpful given YouTube's extensive channel catalog. The Home section is where you discover content to watch. At the top, YouTube shows recommended content, which it bases on things you have searched for or already watched. As you move down the page, various categories of content populate horizontally scrolling categories.


The first thing that you must take into account is that Dailymotion is one of the most popular sites in the world. The site is primarily famous in Asia and Europe. But, before moving forward with more information, it must be stated that Dailymotion is a video-sharing site. The website serves as the platform where users can share videos with the community. There is freedom in sharing of the content with almost anybody. It's one of the last mainstream places of user uploaded video content outside of Google a role Dailymotion has been able to hold onto, at least in part, by hosting content YouTube won't touch. Size aside, the biggest difference between the two sites is Dailymotion's long-standing reputation for being far more lenient with both copyrighted and prohibited content. Adult content aside, both sites feature programs to promote and grow in-house content at large scale. The site is mainly white. I’m not sure if there is a dark mode for it. The front page is relatively simple. A little boring and a bit misleading at first. It looks like one of those shady sites that anything you click on you’ll get a virus. They’re updated it to a less intrusive advertising format for a more fluid user experience, and divided their video content into four themes with an emphasis on premium content: news, sports, music, and entertainment. While user-generated videos are still welcome, Dailymotion focuses on a slightly older demographic.

The phone version of Youtube's site
The phone version of Dailymotion's site