It's Review Time

Week 8

NEWS NEWS NEWS! Fake news pertaining to millennials but not the so called praise they wished for.

This is a picture of the front page of Buzzfeed
This is an Aladdin post with a pop up on Buzzfeed
This is the same post but without the pop up
Here is the front page of Polygon
Here is a version of their Aladdin post on Polygon
This is what the comment section looks like


BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media. It's based in New York City but it has spread around the world. Buzzfeed presents inaccurate and misleading information on important social subjects, rejecting facts and evidence in favor of a biased ideological narrative. More relatable and millennial focused. It's comprised of clickbait for its articles and videos. Clickbait is a way to get more views by posting content with a title that makes it seem like a very great and awesome story to try and reel you in. Their content has lowered its quality. I used to really enjoy buzzfeed around three years ago, and the content wasn't great then. Now it's become incredibly worse and dumb. They focus on posting as much as they can on their numerous channels and you can tell they're straining to find more ideas. Their writers have often been accused of plagiarism and stealing content from lesser known creators. Their website is cluttered with information. There is hardly any negative space for your eyes to take a break. The site is hardly navigational and with the clutteredness of it all, it’s hard to see any of the content. While your scrolling through a review or a page many of times a popup will show up. It takes up most of the screen so any of the content above the fold goes missing. Below each article the are recommended articles you can click on. But the problem is that you can continuously scroll down and it takes a while for each information line to show.


I don't read the news on, but I watch their YouTube Channel sometimes. Few would have thought that Polygon would become one of the most popular gaming sites whilst single-handedly also becoming one of the most annoying. Not only an inaccurate source, but an untrustworthy one too. Like other Vox properties, it is more about politics than its ostensible purpose. It has no ethical standards and constantly pushes politics. Poor journalism deserves criticism, and it's a shame to hear how they shut people down for no reason but their opinions not aligning. It's not uncommon to see Polygon posting low review scores only to revisit them days later after the backlash kicks in. A typical clickbait technique which Polygon repeat regularly whilst systematically banning anyone who questions them on their site. However, Polygon's site is much cleaner than Buzzfeed's. There's much more negative space and while you don't see everything above the fold you still get a bit of information. As I mentioned before there is a comment section below each article.

An almost phone version of buzzfeed
A phone version of Polygon