It's Review Time

Week 5

Youtube was the beginning of saving videos from weird people around the world. However, live streaming is becoming the norm because of a certain ninja related user.

There's a bit of a sensory overload but you can find new streamers here
Here are the top games aligned in a vertical rectangular way
The stream loads instantly without hassle
The home page is very similar to twitch's old homepage
Here are the top games aligned in a horizontal rectangular way
Nothing shows when I go on a stream


Despite its large user base Twitch is not the easiest site to use on the web. While the website has tons of great features, there are several places on this site that are lacking. Things that should be necessary for a smooth and satisfying user experience. Unfortunately, the website layout choices on this site, aside from the game font and display, are aesthetically inconsistent with the rest of the website. The homepage is every alumni's nightmare. They have a cinematic presentation of 6 or so featured streamers with information on that streamer and a link to their stream in case the viewers decide they want more. Anyone who hasn't been on the site will think that this is pretty neat, but that's not the case. When people already have their go to's the front page becomes useless and people go straight to their directory. The searching aspect is a little confusing unless you know what stream you want to watch. The browse section has each streamable game in order from the amount of people watching said game. Then you can go in and look through the amount of streamers and pick and choose who you want. Of course, not everyone speaks english so finding your language barrier between everyone is bothersome. Twitch has made a few changes to fix this, but so far it isn't enough. The site can go down to phone size very well but it still cuts a bit of the top menu bar.


I don't actually use Mixer, but from first glance Mixer's interface isn't drastically different from Twitch. There are featured streamers, streams happening at that moment and you can search by game or by a specific channel. However, it's much harder to find older content that's been broadcast previously. The content on Mixer is less diverse. Where other services are large enough that you'll now find more creative things like Cosplay guides or cooking channels. Mixer is still much more focused on pure live streaming gameplay with a few irl streams. Mixer has an language button bringing the number of languages it supports up to 21. It's possible to search for streams using these languages and makes it easier to discover streamers who speak your preferred language. Overall, everything is about the same on both sites. Some changes could be made to make mixer better but for now I'll never see myself using it. I tried to look at streams, but they don't show up which is kind of a problem when twitch streams show instantly no matter if you have an account or not. Mixer's phone size, however, doesn't cut anything off and sizes down perfectly.

Phone version of Twitch
Phone version of Mixer