It's Review Time

Week 4

Every artist's dream is to be known, especially on the internet where anything can be spread easily.

This is the dashboard of DeviantArt
This is a picture of fanart from Deltarune
A piture on how the comment system works from the dashboard
Here is a picture of the top fold of Tapas
Here is a profile or library of posts from Kao
The comment system from Tapas


Not commenting on the various different art styles and the numerous amount of the precarious bad art found on the site, it's pretty decent for a free place to store your art. The entirety of the site is green. Usually when someone says DeviantArt you'll automatically think of the color green. For years it's been this awful color and they refuse to change it or remotely redesign it more than just the logo. A lot of the tags and searches are fairly small and hard to see. Let alone, they still use the typical blue underlined links. You will get lost down a rabbit hole on this site which may or may not be a good thing depending on the person. On specific posts, you can scroll down to see the comments and replies. On the right side are more from the artist and more from the category the post is dedicated to. There are share option at the top as well. The only problem is that the top menu bar does not follow you down and there is no button to take you all the back to the top. On the dashboard you have the option if you want to see posts in thumbnails or in full view. There is also an option to opt out mature content. It will bait you with the hamburger button but it is an unresponsive website.


Or Tapas, now, is a site used for mostly webcomics but unlike the elusiveness of DeviantArt you can get payed for your work. The button is right there for people to see without having to search for it. This is more of a donation type support rather than buying the work. It's very easy to navigate and search for relative words in the comics. The home page has a variety of genre to choose as well as new authors to follow if you want. This site is also unresponsive that will shrink or a little then cut all of the content. On the home page, the menu at the top does not follow you down unlike the other websites I've reviewed. However, on a person's profile and or specific comic made by that author the top does follow down. When you pick a comic that has multiple episodes, you can scroll down all the way through the story without having to find the next page or link unless you want to start on a specific page. It sometimes takes a minute the switch between posts but overall it's better to do it this way than to go to each page. With this, the comments sometimes get laggy and hidden.