It's Review Time

Week 6

What's worse than fake news? Fake news involving Video Game reviews.

This is the front page of IGN
This is IGN's review page and it shows how slow IGN is
This is IGN's review of Anthem
This is the front page of Kotaku
The review page of Kotaku runs much faster
This is Kotaku's Anthem review


I've been using IGN for a while and while some reviewers are better than others it has often been the case that their reviews can be trusted. But, rarely you'll find an original and interesting article on IGN. Their videos can be decent, ranging from informative to humourous, and is the strong point of the site. Unfortunately, they are given an incentive to review certain games favourably, which really tarnishes IGN's reputation amongst gamers. For some reviews this is really obvious and distracting, especially compared to other gaming review sites. But besides game reviews they have cheat codes, movie reviews, music reviews, car reviews, and general entertainment info. What I haven't been fond of in recent times is the amount of advertising, banners and pop-ups that have actually made it impossible to use the site. It runs slower than it used to and can be very noticeable when you’ve used the site for a bit. It can go down to the phone size well enough, but the images get a little too big on some parts of the site.


Kotaku is a gaming blog that focuses on the news about video games and other related news. It’s not all video game related but that’s what they’re commonly known for. They’ve changed some things about it making it more “relatable” because they now know that just gaming isn’t as reliable. Game journalists are seen as a joke. They honestly tend to suck at their job so gamers don't respect them and they keep lashing out at gamers which makes it worse. I don’t really use Kotaku as much as IGN. I feel that it isn’t worth going onto their site to look through the various amount of clickbait, opinionated and falsely accused reviews. It loads much faster than IGN but it’s still a little slow. It can go down to the phone size as well, so both sites are responsive.

A phone version of ign
A phone version of kotaku