It's Review Time

Week 3

People want to get internet famous and what's a better way than showing of how well your life is going? By taking pictures...

The top of the instagram website
A picture of the comments
The top of the Imgur site
Here are the comments


I enjoy instagram for the "exposure" of new places and things that happen in the world. The only beef I have with it, is that you can't upload digital art without having to go through different software. It's mostly a mobile based app and not meant to be used on a pc, but that type of semi limiting to mobile isn't good for a broader range of people. It's one continuous scroll from one post to another and it's only one post unless you do a album. And it's very hard to navigate an album on the web when you use the trackpad to slide. It's troubling to use it to click on each arrow, which can be barely seen when the photo has a white background. Even integrating it so the arrow keys could move through them would help a lot. Other than those things, the site itself is responsive. As it should be since it's already an app and started off that way. New people to follow is on the right as well as new stories that the people have posted. The search bar follows you down for easy access and all of the info is at the top.


Imgur is also a photo sharing website but there are a few differences that, in my opinion, put it over Instagram. Imgur is a blue and green based color pallette and is essentially the "dark mode" of Instagram. While I like the concept behind Instagram, I just think imgur is better. You can actually upload images through your pc or your phone. You can also make pictures private, and it’s a much easier and more explanatory than Instagram's "archive" feature. It's also a continuous scroll but there are a lot more pictures, gifs, and videos to see. Everything is where you need it to be. The top menu follows you down and everything is sorted out correctly. New ideas, albums, or people to follow are at the very top so you would have to go back, but there's a button for it so it isn't that big of a deal. The comments, likes, and share analytics are under the post but you have to go to a new page to actually see the comments. But to be fair, not many people look in the comments unless they're looking for something.

A phone version of instagram
A phone version of imgur