It's Review Time

Week 2

These two websites are different in some cases, but they are very similar. They are somewhat interchangeable and easy to use considering the similarities.

A picture of the searching/tag page
Here is a mid-scroll ad
This is the top of the page


Tumblr is a social media blogging site that I used to frequent a lot. It lets users create and post their own original content. Some changes have been made since then following a dispute with Apple. Many people who use it will call it addictive, and even I could agree. When you have your account, you mainly stay on your dashboard. If you want to find more stuff on the website. The search engine and notifications stay at the "top" and follows you down as you scroll so no need to go all the way back up. And why would you? It is a continuous scroll from post to post. When you get far enough down it takes a few seconds for the page to take time to load which I believe would be normal. The sharing info is below each post and you'll notice that the pictures from the blogs you follow, follow down until the next post then changes and so on. You can also make your own posts and comment on them as well as others. Reblogging can be simple or complex. You can "alt-reblog" or you can click on the reblog button and comment or add tags to it so you can organize your blog by tag. But this is only from the dashboard. What you reblog goes onto a different more personalized page. Personal blogs can be different based upon what people make them. A bit of coding goes into it unless you find help or buy it, which no one would. Once you get enough followers and get up in the "ranks", you could possibly get on the trending or recommended blogs. You'd find that on the right of the page at the top, and you can get all the way back by pressing the "T" right in the corner. You might have noticed that mostly everything is blue. There is no dark mode unlike Twitter. There are also ads placed between posts so tumblr can get their money. There is kind of a way around this when using a Google extension. You don't really have to go on their blogs. They've changed it a bit and you can click on their name and without going to a different page, you can see more things that they've posted that you weren't able to see. There's many people to follow so you might not see your favorite blogger more than once. But this in turn, does affect how people code their personal "site". Having it this way, most won't realise that they could actually make it the way they want instead of having a white page. Kinda like what we're doing in class.